This title was first published in 2003. The authors of the essays in this collection, all internationally recognised refugee scholars and practitioners, look at the controversial "hot" topic of refugee rights. They consider whether, 50 years after its agreement, the Refugees' Convention can provide an adequate framework for protection. In particular, the authors address: the effect of globalization upon the human rights of asylum seekers and refugees; the efficacy of the Convention as an instrument of international law; the role of the UNHCR; whether NGOs are effective instruments for change; and nationality and citizenship issues. They also consider alternatives and options for solutions to the global refugee problem.

chapter 1|18 pages


ByLiz Curran, Susan Kneebone

chapter 6|40 pages

Safe for Whom? The Safe Third Country Concept Finds a Home in Australia

ByPenelope Matthew

chapter 10|28 pages

New Uses of the Refugees Convention: Sexuality and Refugee Status

ByKristen Walker

chapter 11|34 pages

Moving Beyond the State: Refugees, Accountability and Protection

BySusan Kneebone *

chapter 12|16 pages

Global Solutions

ByLiz Curran