How are militarism and militarisation embodied and why is it important to study these concepts together? This volume highlights a lack of research into people’s emotions, bodies and experiences in global politics, and brings these important dimensions to bear on how we study militarism and process of militarisation.

This collection showcases innovative research that examines people’s everyday lived experience and the multiple ways militarism is enshrined in our societies. Emphasising the benefits of interdisciplinary thinking, its chapters interrogate a range of methodological, ethical, and theoretical questions related to embodiment and militarism from a range of empirical contexts. Authors from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds reveal the myriad of ways in which militarism is experienced by gendered, raced, aged, and sexed bodies. The volume covers a wide range of topics, including the impact of social media; gender, queer, and feminist research on the military; the challenges of writing about embodied experience; and the commercialisation of military fitness in civilian life.

This book fills a gap in the study of militarism and militarisation and will be of interest to students and scholars of critical military studies, security studies, and war studies. It was originally published as a special issue of the journal Critical Military Studies.

chapter |6 pages


Embodying militarism: exploring the spaces and bodies in-between
BySynne L. Dyvik, Lauren Greenwood

chapter |18 pages

Blurred lines: intimacy, mobility, and the social military

ByPeter Adey, David Denney, Rikke Jensen, Alasdair Pinkerton

chapter |16 pages

“You do not live in my skin”: embodiment, voice, and the veteran

BySarah Bulmer, David Jackson

chapter |15 pages

Sexy warriors: the politics and pleasures of submission to the state

ByJesse Paul Crane-Seeber

chapter |14 pages

Of bats and bodies: methods for reading and writing embodiment

BySynne L. Dyvik

chapter |5 pages

Writing about embodiment as an act of translation

ByCatherine Baker

chapter |8 pages

Somatic soldier: embodiment and the aesthetic of absence and presence

ByTorika Bolatagici

chapter |4 pages


Sounds of silence: reflections on songwriting and international relations
BySusanna Hast

chapter |2 pages


Diary of a plastic soldier (extracts)
ByPip Thornton