Higher Education Strategy and Planning draws together a team of expert contributors from across the sector to offer contemporary descriptions of practice in Higher Education and critical reflections on that practice. Many of the tools and techniques transcend the particular national system within which they are situated and therefore have global relevance for all those interested in strategy and planning in Higher Education.

Containing chapters on each of the major functions or capabilities of strategic planners, critiques of global policy trends, framework examples and explanations of the main league tables both in the UK and globally, the book is divided into five main parts:

• Context and Positioning;

• Integrated Planning;

• Centrality, Co-ordination and Connection;

• Analytical Capacity and Capability;

• Insight and Information.

This text offers a contemporary representation of strategic planning and will be an indispensable guide for all those who work in or study Higher Education, particularly aimed at those who work in strategy, planning and leadership roles.

chapter |10 pages


Edited ByTony Strike

part 1|58 pages

Context and positioning

chapter 1|17 pages

Locating universities in a globalising world

BySusan L. Robertson, Kris Olds

chapter 2|19 pages

The functions of strategic planning

ByTony Strike, Martin Hanlon, Dominic Foster

chapter 3|20 pages

Developing institutional strategy

ByJohn Pritchard

part 2|56 pages

Integrated planning

chapter 4|22 pages

The planning cycle

A strategic conversation
BySteve Chadwick, Olivia Kew-Fickus

chapter 5|20 pages

Student number planning

ByLucy Hodson

chapter 6|12 pages

Generating a research strategy for sustained success and growth

ByJane Boggan, Rebecca Lambert, Elizabeth Westlake, Michael Wykes

part 3|55 pages

Centrality, co-ordination and connection

chapter 7|18 pages

Leadership, governance and decision-making

ByTony Strike, David Swinn

chapter 8|19 pages

Risk management

ByRhiannon Birch, Rachel Pye, Claire McDonald, John Baker

chapter 9|16 pages

Finance, resource allocation and income forecasting

BySonia Virdee, Andrew Keeble

part 4|30 pages

Analytical capacity and capability

chapter 10|8 pages

Data capability across the information landscape

ByAndy Youell, Dan Kidd

chapter 11|20 pages

Business intelligence and analytics

ByThomas Loya, Giles Carden

part 5|43 pages

Insight and information

chapter 12|15 pages

Indicators for measuring and managing performance

ByMike Kennerley

chapter 13|19 pages

Benchmarking and rankings

ByNicki Horseman

chapter 14|7 pages

Responsible metrics

ByJames Wilsdon