Grounded in philosophy from John Dewey and Maxine Greene, this book sheds light on difficulties and practicalities of examining culture and politics within the realm of interdisciplinary education. Providing both theoretical and concrete examples of the importance of a contemporary arts education, this book offers imaginative ways the arts and sciences intersect with democratic learning and civic engagement. Chapters focus on education in relation to diversity, apprenticeship, and civic engagement; neuroscience and cognition; urban aesthetic experience and learning; and science and art intelligence.

chapter 1|18 pages


Education, the Arts, and Resistance to the Neoliberal Condition
ByJay Michael Hanes, Eleanor Weisman

chapter 2|17 pages

Becoming a Deweyan Apprentice

A Struggle Against White Supremacy
ByBill Bywater

chapter 3|15 pages

From Grief, Find Your Peace

Steve Prince and The Big Zipper Community
BySteve A. Prince, Beth A. McCoy

chapter 4|17 pages

Chicago Consciousness

Democratic Reform, the Built Environment, and Sensorimotor Awareness
ByDavid C. Miller

chapter 5|16 pages

Devising Theater

Imagination Meets Citizenship
ByRoberta Faith Levine

chapter 6|19 pages

Flowers for Feynman

Natural Piety and the Aesthetics of Experience in the Experimental Spirit
ByTibor Solymosi

chapter 7|18 pages

Inhibition as Fundamental

From Synapse to Classroom
ByJeff Hollerman

chapter 8|15 pages

Coping Creatively, Imagining Democracy

Expressive Arts Therapy in an Urban Public School
ByJessa Goldstein

chapter 9|12 pages

Disturbing the Peace

Community, Justice Learning, and Democratic Participation with Communities of Color
ByHeather Cherie Moore

chapter 10|18 pages

Get Woke

Radicalizing Imagination in the Interest of a Just Democracy
ByMorna McDermott