Streaming Music examines how the Internet has become integrated in contemporary music use, by focusing on streaming as a practice and a technology for music consumption. The backdrop to this enquiry is the digitization of society and culture, where the music industry has undergone profound disruptions, and where music streaming has altered listening modes and meanings of music in everyday life.

The objective of Streaming Music is to shed light on what these transformations mean for listeners, by looking at their adaptation in specific cultural contexts, but also by considering how online music platforms and streaming services guide music listeners in specific ways. Drawing on case studies from Moscow and Stockholm, and providing analysis of Spotify, VK and YouTube as popular but distinct sites for music, Streaming Music discusses, through a qualitative, cross-cultural, study, questions around music and value, music sharing, modes of engaging with music, and the way that contemporary music listening is increasingly part of mobile, automated and computational processes. Offering a nuanced perspective on these issues, it adds to research about music and digital media, shedding new light on music cultures as they appear today.

As such, this volume will appeal to scholars of media, sociology and music with interests in digital technologies.

chapter |11 pages


Fields of research

chapter 1|13 pages

Music, the Internet, streaming

Ongoing debates

part I|53 pages


chapter 2|17 pages

Online music in everyday life

Contexts and practices

chapter 4|16 pages

Clouds, streams, materiality

Perceptions of musical value in the age of abundance

part II|82 pages


chapter 5|24 pages

Spotify as the soundtrack to your life

Encountering music in the customized archive

chapter 6|23 pages

VK and music in the social network

An expression of a post-recorded culture

chapter 7|17 pages

YouTube and music video streaming

Participation, intermediation and spreadability

chapter 8|16 pages

Phones, applications, mobility

Framing music use on the go