Beat literature? Have not the great canonical names long grown familiar? Ginsberg, Kerouac, Burroughs. Likewise the frontline texts, still controversial in some quarters, assume their place in modern American literary history. On the Road serves as Homeric journey epic. "Howl" amounts to Beat anthem, confessional outcry against materialism and war. Naked Lunch, with its dark satiric laughter, envisions a dystopian world of power and word virus. But if these are all essentially America-centered, Beat has also had quite other literary exhalations and which invite far more than mere reception study. These are voices from across the Americas of Canada and Mexico, the Anglophone world of England, Scotland or Australia, the Europe of France or Italy and from the Mediterranean of Greece and the Maghreb,  and from Scandinavia and Russia, together with the Asia of Japan and China. This anthology of essays maps relevant other kinds of Beat voice, names, texts. The scope is hemispheric, Atlantic and Pacific, West and East. It gives recognition to the Beat inscribed in languages other than English and reflective of different cultural histories. Likewise the majority of contributors come from origins or affiliations beyond the US, whether in a different English or languages spanning Spanish, Danish, Turkish, Greek, or Chinese. The aim is to recognize an enlarged Beat literary map, its creative internationalism.

chapter |16 pages


ByA. Robert Lee

part |26 pages

Canada and Mexico

chapter 1|11 pages

Canada Beats

A Complex Legacy
ByKatharine Streip

chapter 2|13 pages

The Beat Presence in Mexican Literature

ByAlberto Escobar de la Garma

part |44 pages

The English-Speaking World

chapter 3|13 pages

Beat Britain

Poetic Vision and Division in Albion’s “Underground”
ByLuke Walker

chapter 4|13 pages

Cosmopolitan Scum

A Genealogy of Beat in Subaltern Scottish Literature
ByFiona Paton

chapter 5|16 pages

Beat Australia

Hydra to Balmain
ByNicholas Birns

part |113 pages

Western Europe

chapter 6|14 pages

Êtes-vous Beat? Contemporary French Beat Writing

ByPeggy Pacini

chapter 7|14 pages

Children of Anarchy

Shoulder to Shoulder with the Italian Beats
ByMaria Anita Stefanelli

chapter 8|12 pages

Beat Influences in Dutch and Flemish Literature

ByJaap van der Bent

chapter 9|15 pages

Transmuting Beat Energies in the Belgian Francophone Matrix

MaelstrÖm ReEvolution or the Brussels Reincarnation of the Beat Spirit
ByFranca Bellarsi

chapter 10|13 pages

German Beats

Friendship and Collaboration
ByAlexander Greiffenstern

chapter 11|14 pages

Beat Authorship and Beat Influences in Austrian Literature

ByThomas Antonic

chapter 12|15 pages

Beat Affinities in Spanish Poetry

ByEstíbaliz Encarnación-Pinedo

chapter 13|14 pages

Activists and Stuntmen

Envisioning Polish Beat
ByAndrzej Pietrasz, Tomasz Sawczuk

part |74 pages

Northern Europe

chapter 14|18 pages

Russian Beat

Wilderness of Mirrors
ByThomas Epstein

chapter 15|16 pages

Denmark’s To Beat or Not to Beat

Turèll, Ulrich, Laugesen
ByLars Movin

chapter 16|13 pages

Norwegian Beat Culture

Reading Beat and Being Beat in Oslo in the 1950s
ByFrida Forsgren

chapter 17|13 pages

Swedish Beat

Sture Darlström, Ulf Lundrell and the Influence of the Beat Generation in Modern Swedish Literature
ByLisa Avdic Öst

chapter 18|12 pages

Beat Poetry in Finland in the 1960s

ByHarri Veivo

part |35 pages

The Mediterranean

chapter 19|9 pages

The Beat Generation and Contemporary Greek Poetry

ByPolina Mackay

chapter 20|12 pages

Beat Turkey

A Belated Influence
ByErik Mortenson

chapter 21|12 pages

Moroccan Beat Writers

Mrabet, Choukri, Layachi
ByEl Habib Louai

part |28 pages

The East

chapter 22|13 pages

Beat Japan

Shiraishi’s Jazz Scroll and Sakaki’s Foot Trail
ByA. Robert Lee

chapter 23|13 pages

The Beats on China and Chinese “Beats”

Cross Cultural Influences, Impact and Legacy
ByBenjamin J. Heal