This new text is a state-of-the-art collection of essays representing varying points of view about dreams and the major research conducted in dream therapy today. Renewed interest into serious dream investigation in recent years has supplied a variety of conceptual and research applications into dream study. At long last, "Dream Images: A Call to Mental Arms", brings these current works together, in one complete, comprehensive volume.

chapter |14 pages


ByJayne Gackenbach

part 1|82 pages

Experimental Considerations

chapter Chapter 1|13 pages

Sources and Consequences of Dreams: Experimental Manipulations and Their Effects

ByJoseph DeKoninck

chapter Chapter 2|24 pages

An Experimental Approach to the Anomalous Dream*

ByStanley Krippner

chapter Chapter 3|24 pages

Vestibular Involvement in the Neurocognition of Lucid Dreaming

ByThomas J. Snyder, Jayne Gackenbach

part 2|86 pages

Clinical Considerations

chapter Chapter 5|15 pages

Nightmares: Facts, Fictions and Future Directions

ByKathryn Belicki, Marion A. Cuddy

chapter Chapter 6|12 pages

Nightmares and Childhood Dreams

ByPatricia Garfield

chapter Chapter 7|20 pages

The Meaning of Dreams: A Current Warning Theory

ByRobert C. Smith

chapter Chapter 9|12 pages

A Selective Mood Regulatory Function for Sleep

ByMilton Kramer

part 3|48 pages

Interdisciplinary Considerations

chapter Chapter 11|18 pages

Interdisciplinary Studies of Dreams: Finding a Common Ground

ByDon Kuiken

chapter Chapter 13|6 pages

Early Hindu Speculation about Dreams: Implications for Dream Yoga

ByGeorge Gillespie