As China rises as an economic and an international power, new relationships are being forged with all areas of the world including Central and Eastern Europe. This book explores how this relationship is developing. It considers how China’s links with Central and Eastern Europe fit in to China’s overall international relations strategies. It looks at economic and trade ties, diplomatic initiatives and the role of the European Union, and examines China’s bilateral relations with the different states of the region. These relationships are particularly interesting because before the end of communism in Eastern Europe China had many direct links with the countries of the region.    

chapter |10 pages


Contextualizing China–Central and Eastern European relations in the new era
ByWeiqing Song

chapter 1|18 pages

Westward ho – the China dream and “One Belt, One Road”

Chinese foreign policy under Xi Jinping
ByPeter Ferdinand

chapter 3|18 pages

Economic relations between China and Central and Eastern Europe

Trade and investment issues
ByÁgnes Szunomár, Agnieszka McCaleb, Xin Chen

chapter 4|17 pages

From mutual understanding to a new paradigm of cooperation

China’s public diplomacy toward CEECs
ByLilei Song

chapter 5|17 pages


Whose norms, whose values?
ByStefan Auer, Thomas Stiegler

chapter 7|20 pages

Czechia’s 1 relations with China

On a long road toward a real strategic partnership?
ByRudolf Fürst

chapter 8|17 pages

Hungary and China relations

ByTamas Matura

chapter 9|16 pages

Between central and local interdependence

Dimensions of Poland’s relations with China 1
ByDominik Mierzejewski

chapter 10|29 pages

Sino-Romanian relations under the New World Order 1

ByIulia Monica Oehler-Şincai, Liu Minru

chapter 11|17 pages

China’s engagement in the Balkans

Challenges and prospects from a geopolitical perspective
ByJunbo Jian

chapter |9 pages


Toward a more promising partnership
ByWeiqing Song, Qichao Wang