The articles in this volume explore the way in which military developments helped to sculpt, out of very strange and diverse components, our familiar Europe. The period studied covers the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the rise of the Carolingian Empire and its eventual collapse, leaving a vacuum in the heart of Europe into which flowed new forces: the Vikings from outside and the great lords from within.

chapter 3|17 pages

Nomadism, Horses and Huns*

chapter 5|13 pages

The Evolution of Slavic Society and the Slavic Invasions in Greece

The First Major Slavic Attack on Thessaloniki, a.d. 597

chapter 6|28 pages

Early Germanic Warfare

chapter 7|18 pages

War and Peace in the Earlier Middle Ages

The Prothero Lecture

chapter 9|20 pages

'An Airier Aristocracy': The Saints at War

The Prothero Lecture