Vagueness, volume XX, contains twenty-seven essays, with issues covered including: nihilism, phenomenal sorites, degrees of truth, epistemicism, higher-order vagueness, contextualism, and intuitionism. Written by leading contemporary philosophers, these essays will be of interest to researchers in philosophy of language, philosophical logic, metaphysics and epistemology; as well as those in natural language semantics, artificial intelligence and cognitive science more generally. A substantial introduction written by the editors provides a guide to the topic and to the essays in the volume.

part I|106 pages


chapter 1|38 pages

There are No Ordinary Things

ByPeter Unger

chapter 2|19 pages

On that Which is Not

BySamuel C. Wheeler

chapter 3|10 pages

Nostalgia for the Ordinary: Comments on Papers by Unger and Wheeler

ByDavid H. Sanford

chapter 4|32 pages


ByBertil Rolf

chapter 5|4 pages

An Argument for the Vagueness of ‘Vague’

ByRoy A. Sorensen

part II|87 pages

Observational Predicates

chapter |41 pages

On the Coherence of Vague Predicates*

ByCrispin Wright

chapter 7|22 pages

Phenomenal Colors and Sorites

ByC. L. Hardin

chapter 8|21 pages

Are Vague Predicates Incoherent?*

ByChristopher Peacocke

part III|23 pages

Degrees of Truth

chapter 9|10 pages

Degrees of Belief and Degrees of Truth

ByR.M. Sainsbury

chapter 10|11 pages

Validity, Uncertainty and Vagueness

ByEdgington Dorothy

part IV|58 pages


chapter 11|17 pages

The Sorites Paradox

ByRichmond Campbell

chapter 12|13 pages

What Makes It a Heap?

ByTimothy Williamson

chapter 13|24 pages

Hat-Tricks and Heaps

ByW.D. Hart

part V|75 pages

Higher-Order Vagueness

chapter |16 pages

Is There Higher-Order Vagueness?

ByMark Sainsbury

chapter 15|11 pages

Is Higher Order Vagueness Coherent?

ByWright Crispin

chapter 16|8 pages

Wright and Sainsbury on Higher-order Vagueness

ByDorothy Edgington

chapter 17|8 pages

A Note on the Logic of (Higher-Order) Vagueness

ByRichard G. Heck

chapter 18|17 pages

On the Structure of Higher-Order Vagueness

ByTimothy Williamson

chapter 19|7 pages

Why Higher-Order Vagueness is a Pseudo-Problem

ByDominic Hyde

chapter 20|3 pages

Why the Vague Need Not be Higher-Order Vague

ByMichael Tye

part VI|118 pages


chapter 21|53 pages

Hans Kamp

The Paradox of the Heap*
Edited ByHans Kamp

chapter 22|27 pages

The Liar and Sorites Paradoxes: Toward a Unified Treatment*

ByJamie Tappenden

chapter 23|34 pages

Vagueness Without Paradox

The Philosophical Review, Vol. 103, No. 1 (January 1994)
ByDiana Raffman

part VII|36 pages


chapter 24|18 pages

Vagueness and Alternative Logic

ByHilary Putnam

chapter 25|3 pages

Hairier Than Putnam Thought

ByStephen Read, Crispin Wright

chapter 26|1 pages

A Quick Read is a Wrong Wright

ByHilary Putnam

chapter 27|10 pages

Putnam on the Sorites Paradox

ByTimothy Williamson