Bringing together contributions from institutions such as the OECD, the WHO, the World Bank and the European Disability Forum, as well as policy makers and researchers, this volume focuses on disability and work. The contributors address a wide range of issues including what it means to be disabled, what rights and responsibilities society has for people with disabilities, how disability benefits should be structured, and what role employers should play. Fundamental reading for specialists in disability, social protection and public economics, and for social policy academics, researchers and students generally, Transforming Disability Welfare Policies makes an enormous contribution to the literature.

part 1|24 pages

Introduction: Main Findings and Conclusions from the OECD Report — and Critical Queries

chapter |12 pages

Disability Programmes in Need of Reform

Edited ByBernd Marin, Christopher Prinz, Monika Queisser

chapter |10 pages

Transforming Disability into Ability

A Commentary Based on Recent European Research
ByDeborah Mabbett

part 2|24 pages

Introduction: Opening Statements

chapter |8 pages

Transforming Disability into Ability —

Results and Conclusions from the OECD Study of Disability Policies for the Working-Age Population in 20 Member Countries
ByBerglind Ásgeirsdóttir

chapter |6 pages

The U.S. Department of Labor Perspective

ByW. Roy Grizzard

chapter |8 pages

The French Government's Perspective on Disability and Employment

ByJean-Yves Hocquet

part 1|58 pages

What Do We Mean by "Being Disabled"?

chapter |6 pages

What Do We Mean By Being Disabled? A WHO Perspective

ByIrene Hoskins

chapter |5 pages

What Do We Mean by Being Disabled? A Regional NGO Perspective

ByVladimir Kosic

chapter |6 pages

Ability Assessment in Pre-pension and Flex Job Schemes

BySteen Bengtsson

chapter |12 pages

What Do We Mean by Being Disabled? Session Report

ByJoakim Palme

part 2|72 pages

What Rights and Responsibilities for Society and for Persons with Disabilities?

chapter |8 pages

The OECD Perspective on Mutual Obligations

ByPeter Scherer

chapter |6 pages

Disability, the Organisation of Work, and the Need for Change

ByColin Barnes

chapter |5 pages

Towards Mutual Responsibilities: A Dutch Blueprint

ByPhilip R. de Jong

chapter |6 pages

"Escape into Disability": The Polish Transformation Country Experience

ByStanislawa Golinowska

part 3|50 pages

Who Needs Activation, How and When?

chapter |5 pages

Who Needs Activation, How and When? Introductory Comments

ByHedva Sarfati

chapter |4 pages

Building New Pathways to Work

ByRebecca Endean

chapter |6 pages

Activation Through Sheltered Work? Not If but How

ByErik Samoy

chapter |12 pages

Not Only Samhall

A Swedish Report*
ByJan Rydh

chapter |6 pages

Who Needs Supported Employment and How?*

ByCharlotte Strümpel

chapter |6 pages

Comments on the Policy Conclusions

ByVappu Taipale

chapter |8 pages

Who Needs Activation, How and When? Session Report

ByHedva Sarvati

part 4|46 pages

How Should Disability Benefits Be Structured?

chapter |7 pages

How Should Disability Benefits Be Structured? Session Report

ByDennis J. Snower

chapter |5 pages

How Should Disability Benefits Be Structured? A World Bank View

ByEmily S. Andrews

chapter |14 pages

A Programme for Better Health in Working Life in Sweden

ByJan Rydh

chapter |4 pages

The New Benefit Strategy Being Implemented in Luxembourg

ByRaymond Wagener

chapter |6 pages

Reflections on Disability Based on a Comparison of 19 Rich Democracies*

ByHarold L. Wilensky

part 5|57 pages

What Should and What Can Employers Do?

chapter |13 pages

Transforming Disability into Ability: What Can Employers Do?

ByChristoph Μ. Schmidt

chapter |7 pages

Employers and Disability: Adapting Modern Work Organizations

ByPhilippe Askenazy

part |28 pages

Special Theme: Barriers to Participation: A Session Organized by the European Disability Forum / EDF

chapter |5 pages

Mental Barriers in General Labour Market Policy

ByMikael Klein

chapter |5 pages

Moving towards Equality for Disabled Londoners

ByDavid Morris

chapter |4 pages

The Employment of People with Disabilities in France

ByAgnès Roche de la Porte des Vaux