Sub-Saharan Africa is a region devastated by HIV/AIDS. The extent of the epidemic is only now becoming clear, as increasing numbers of people with HIV are becoming ill. In the absence of massively expanded prevention, treatment and care efforts, the AIDS death toll on the continent is set to escalate rapidly. Despite progress being achieved in localized settings, the alarming statistics reflect the continuing failure of advanced countries to mount a response that matches the scale and severity of the African HIV/AIDS crisis. Over and above the colossal personal suffering, the dire social and economic consequences for fragile nation-states are already being felt, not only in health but in education, industry, agriculture, transport, human resources and economies in general. Countries already crippled by drought, poverty, debt, forced migration and civil war must now contend with massive deterioration in child survival rates and life expectancy, the erosion of the economic family base, massive and insupportable demands on health and public services, chronic labour shortages and volatile national security. Through a critical and detailed exploration of specific case studies, this invaluable volume brings together an unparalleled array of international contributors to redefine the political and economic contours of this calamitous epidemic. It examines the impact of the shortfalls in the 'Global Fund' allocation, the slow pace of administrative processing of aid and the weaknesses of institutional responses to the crisis from African countries and their partners in the global health community. It is essential reading for all concerned with public health, epidemiology, HIV/AIDS research, globalization, development, Africa and indeed our shared future. Features include: ” Unique assessments of HIV/AIDS and its impact on democracy and governance in African states ” Wide-ranging regional and country studies by the foremost thinkers in their fields ” Multi-disciplinary contributions from areas including: Politics, Sociology, Public Health and Development Studies ” Compelling and convincing evidence, thematic in approach ” Innovative and culturally specific insights for long-term planning, care and support

chapter 1|17 pages

Responding to AIDS in Crisis Situations

ByWhiteside Alan

chapter 3|17 pages

Confronting AIDS with Debt: Africa’s Silent Crisis

ByNana K. Poku

chapter 6|19 pages

HIV/AIDS: The Nigerian Response

ByMorenike Folayan

chapter 7|21 pages

Between State Security and State Collapse: HIV/AIDS and South Africa’s National Security

ByRobert L. Ostergard, Matthew R. Tubin

chapter 8|23 pages

What People Really Believe About HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa

ByAlan Whiteside, Robert Mattes, Samantha Willan, Ryann Manning

chapter 10|26 pages

Uganda and the Challenge of HIV/AIDS

ByDaniel Low-Beer, Rand Stoneburner

chapter 12|6 pages


ByAlan Whiteside, Nana K. Poku