This collection of invaluable essays explores, analyzes and critically evaluates the interaction between globalization and New Zealand sovereignty. The volume is the first to seriously address this subject in a systematic fashion. It pursues three interrelated lines of enquiry: the impact of globalization on the policy making machinery of the New Zealand state; the development of New Zealand political culture, including its sense of national identity; during the globalization era; and New Zealand's role on the international stage in a globalizing world. The book reveals the paradoxes of New Zealand's encounter with globalization. It will provide essential reading for specialists of globalization and for general readers interested in the complex national experience of New Zealand.

chapter |19 pages

Introduction New Zealand Sovereignty in the Era of Globalization

ByRobert G. Patman, Chris Rudd

part I|73 pages

Political and Economic Engagement

part III|68 pages

Security and Foreign Policy Directions

chapter 9|22 pages

Regionalism: New Zealand, Asia, the Pacific, and Australia

ByDavid B. MacDonald

chapter 10|20 pages

Multilateralism: New Zealand and the United Nations

ByRichard Jackson

chapter 11|16 pages

The New Zealand—United States Relationship in the Era of Globalization

ByJames M. McCormick

chapter |6 pages

Conclusion New Zealand Sovereignty under Siege?

ByRobert G. Patman, Chris Rudd