Debate about the rights of sexual minorities, whether individuals or members of same-sex couples, has become an important issue for legislatures and courts in many constitutional democracies. This volume collects together some of the more significant writings in the debate, and reflects a variety of perspectives: liberal, conservative, and radical. The topics covered include the meaning and importance of sexual freedom, gender roles, marriage and other significant partnerships, child care and adoption, the criminal law, employment, and expression and pornography. The volume also seeks to relate arguments about sexual orientation and rights to broader debates within feminist theory.

part 1|68 pages

Organizing the Arguments

part 2|283 pages

Substantive Progressive Arguments

chapter 3|26 pages

Liberal Community

ByRonald Dworkin

chapter [5]|55 pages

Hardwick and Historiography†

ByWilliam N. Eskridge

chapter 8|26 pages


ByLeslie Green

chapter 9|35 pages


The Problem of Gay Pornography in a Straight Supremacist System
ByShannon Gilreath

part 3|77 pages

Conservative Arguments and Responses to Them

chapter 10|29 pages

Law, Morality, and “Sexual Orientation”*

ByJohn M. Finnis

chapter 11|45 pages

Is Marriage Inherently Heterosexual?

ByAndrew Koppelman

part 4|83 pages

Radical Arguments

chapter 12|12 pages

Developing Lesbian Legal Theory

ByRuthann Robson

chapter 14|31 pages

On Being Beside Oneself: On the Limits of Sexual Autonomy*

ByJudith Butler