This definitive reference work is designed to meet a need for all those who have an interest in Leadership; be they students at business schools, academic researchers, leadership consultants or practical leaders. At last, we have a collection of seminal peer-reviewed articles and book chapters in one convenient volume. All the members of the Editorial Team have an association with the renowned Centre for Leadership Studies at Exeter University and they have chosen their articles around six core themes: Understanding Leadership; Relationships; Power and Leadership; Leadership, Identity and Difference; Imagination; Spirituality in Organizations. These themes cover a broad spectrum of Leadership and this volume enables people to access some of the best writing on this fascinating topic, all in one publication.

part I|5 pages

Understanding Leadership

chapter 1|9 pages

What Leaders Really Do

chapter 3|9 pages

Narcissistic Leaders

The Incredible Pros, the Inevitable Cons

part III|4 pages

Power and Leadership

chapter 13|9 pages

The Forms of Power

chapter 14|18 pages

Power and Organization

chapter 15|22 pages

Power as the Control of Behavior

chapter 16|28 pages

Exploring Power

part IV|6 pages

Leadership, Identity and Difference

chapter 19|18 pages

What It Means to Become a Person

chapter 20|10 pages

Managing Oneself

chapter 22|9 pages

The Ambiguity of Leadership 1

chapter 23|24 pages

The nature of leadership

part VI|6 pages

Spirituality in Organizations

chapter 29|14 pages

“Soul Work” in Organizations

chapter 32|20 pages

Ethics at Work

Money, Spirituality, and Happiness