Politically, Islam in Indonesia is part of a rich multi-cultural mix. Religious tolerance is seen as the cornerstone of relations between different faiths - and moderation is built into the country's constitutional framework. However, the advent of democracy coupled with the impact of the South-East Asian economic collapse in 1997, and the arrival of a tough new breed of Middle Eastern Islamic preachers, sowed the seeds of the current challenge to Indonesia's traditionally moderate form of Islam. This volume explores the extent to which moderate Indonesian Islam is able to assimilate leading concepts from Western political theory. The essays in the collection explore how concepts from Western political theory are compatible with a liberal interpretation of Islamic universals and how such universals can form the basis for a contemporary approach to the protection of human rights and the articulation of a modern Islamic civil society.

chapter 1|4 pages


ByAzyumardi Azra, Wayne Hudson

chapter 2|4 pages

Political Modernity and Indonesian Islam: A Manifesto

ByAzyumardi Azra, Wayne Hudson

chapter 3|8 pages

Islamic Perspectives on the Rule of Law and Constitutionalism

ByN.A. Fadhil Lubis

chapter 4|8 pages

Constitutional Values and an Islamic State

ByAdnan Buyung Nasution

chapter 5|6 pages

The Ambiguities of the Rule of Law

ByBrian Galligan

chapter 6|10 pages

Western and Islamic Conceptions of the Rule of Law

BySpencer Zifcak

chapter 7|6 pages

Democracy and Islam

ByBahtiar Effendy

chapter 8|6 pages

Islam and Democratization in Indonesia

ByAhmad Syafi’i Maarif

chapter 9|12 pages

Islam and the Claims of Democracy

ByGraham Maddox

chapter 10|12 pages

Democratic Leadership

ByHaig Patapan

chapter 11|8 pages

Islamic Perspectives on Citizenship and Statehood

ByN.A. Fadhil Lubis

chapter 12|8 pages

Towards a Conceptual Framework for Citizenship

ByGeoffrey Stokes

chapter 13|6 pages

Liberal and Communitarian Approaches to Citizenship

ByJanna Thompson

chapter 14|14 pages

Problems with Citizenship

ByBarry Hindess

chapter 16|16 pages

Nationalism and Liberalism

ByJohn Kane

chapter 17|18 pages

Pluralism and Universalism

ByGeorge Crowder

chapter 18|12 pages

Human Rights and Duties in Islam

ByN.A. Fadhil Lubis

chapter 19|12 pages

Human Rights and Pluralism

ByJoseph Camilleri

chapter 20|30 pages

Civil Society and Tolerance in Indonesia

BySaiful Mujani

chapter 21|12 pages

Civil Society and the Media in Indonesia

ByPhilip Kitley

chapter 22|4 pages

Indonesian Islam and Democracy: Ways Ahead

ByWayne Hudson, Azyumardi Azra