Capturing the narratives of indigenes, this book presents a unique anthology on global Indigenous peoples' wisdoms and ways of knowing. Covering issues of religion, cultural self-determination, philosophy, spirituality, sacred sites, oppression, gender and the suppressed voices of women, the diverse global contexts across Africa, Asia, the Middle East, North and South America, and Oceania are highlighted. The contributions represent heart-felt expressions of Indigenous peoples from various contexts - their triumphs and struggles, their gains and losses, their reflections on the past, present, and future - telling their accounts in their own voices. Opening new vistas for understanding historical ancient knowledge, preserved and practiced by Indigenous people for millennia, this innovative anthology illuminates areas of philosophy, science, medicine, health, architecture, and botany to reveal knowledge suppressed by Western academic studies.

part I|1 pages

Ancient Indigenous Cultures

chapter 1|18 pages

Indigenous San Knowledge and Survival Struggles

ByKxao Moses Oma, Axel Thoma

chapter 3|17 pages

Indigenist Research and Aboriginal Australia

ByLester-Irabinna Rigney

part II|1 pages

Turtle Island (Nnorth Aamerica)

part III|1 pages

South America

chapter 7|6 pages

Indigenous Mmuchik Wisdom Aat Work: The Tale of a Mestiza

ByMiryam Eespinosa-Ddulanpo

part IV|1 pages

The Caribbean

chapter 8|14 pages

Indigenous Wisdom at Work in Jamaica: The Power of Kumina

ByDianne Stewart

part V|1 pages

The Pacific

chapter 9|16 pages

A Celebration of Maori Sacred and Spiritual Wisdom

ByRangimarie Turuki Pere

part VI|1 pages


chapter 10|16 pages

Voices of Rresilience and Rresistance: The Ainu Peoples of Hokkaido, Japan

ByEtsuko Aaoki, Kiyoko Kitahara, Kayano Shigeru, Koichi Kaizawa

part VII|1 pages


chapter 12|14 pages

Tour in the Old and New Vuornese: A Saami Journey

ByKroik Asa Virdi

part VIII|1 pages


chapter 16|14 pages

Indigenous African Knowledge: Human Rights and Globalization

ByJulian Kunnie