Incident Command: Tales From the Hot Seat presents a unique examination of the skills of the on-scene or incident commander who is in charge of an emergency or major incident. Experienced commanders from the police and fire services, the armed forces, civil aviation and the prison service give personal accounts of their command experiences, discuss their dilemmas and the pressures they faced, and reveal the demands of leading under extreme conditions. They share intimate details of cases where their command skills were tested, ranging from industrial fires, riots, hostage taking, warfare, peacekeeping, to in-flight emergencies. Each case ends with lessons learnt and tips for the developing commander. Additional chapters present expert accounts of the art of incident command, incident command systems, competencies for command, as well as reviews of the latest psychological research into decision making and team work under pressure. The book is an essential compelling text that captures the essence of incident command by analyzing command experiences across a range of professions.

part I|66 pages

The Nature of Command

chapter 1|7 pages


ByKevin Arbuthnot, Rhona Flin*

chapter 2|22 pages

Key Issues in Incident Command

ByKevin Arbuthnot

chapter 3|26 pages

Managing the Spike: The Command Perspective in Critical Incidents

ByPeter C. Sarna

chapter 4|9 pages

Incident Command Functions

ByAlan Brunacini

part II|131 pages

Case Studies of Command

chapter 5|19 pages

Police Commander — The Notting Hill Riot

ByTony Moore

chapter 6|17 pages

Fire Commander

ByDennis Davis

chapter 7|33 pages

Military Commander — Royal Navy

ByJeremy Larken

chapter 8|23 pages

Military Commander —Royal Marines

ByAndrew Keeling

chapter 9|15 pages

Airline Captain — The View from the Flightdeck

ByMike Lodge

chapter 10|22 pages

Prison Governor

ByAndrew Coyle

part III|95 pages

Developing Commanders and their Teams

chapter 11|38 pages

Command Decision Making

ByMargaret Crichton, Rhona Flin

chapter 12|19 pages

Command and Control Teams: Principles for Training and Assessment

ByEduardo Salas, Janis A. Cannon-Bowers, Jeanne Weaver

chapter 13|12 pages

Training Decision-Making by Team Based Simulation

ByJonathan Crego, Claire Harris

chapter 14|24 pages

Lessons from the Hot Seat

ByRhona Flin, Kevin Arbuthnot