There is a growing awareness that international law insufficiently protects common global interests and that States and non-State actors need to work together to protect global aims. The focus of this book is on the different fields of international law where there is a need for global cooperation to achieve common aims, for example: the law of the sea; protection of world cultural heritage; sustainable development, biological diversity and climate change; human rights; and international crimes. The volume also identifies the legal developments which have taken place, for example treaties which use the language of ’common heritage of mankind’ or ’common concern of humanity’, thereby identifying global concerns and reflecting a global set of values and interests independent of the interests of States.

part I|107 pages

Conceptual Issues

chapter 1|8 pages

Common Concern of Humanity

ByDinah Shelton

chapter 2|22 pages

Justice and the distribution of greenhouse gas emissions 1

BySimon Caney

chapter 3|26 pages

Common But Differentiated Responsibilities in International Law

ByChristopher D. Stone

chapter 5|19 pages

The common heritage of mankind: utopia or reality?

ByAlexandre Kiss

part II|60 pages

Responsibility to Protect

part III|87 pages

Universal Jurisdiction

chapter 9|51 pages

The Legal Limits of Universal Jurisdiction

ByAnthony J. Colangelo

part IV|62 pages

International Spaces

part V|53 pages

Environmental Law

part VI|43 pages

Cultural Heritage

part VII|54 pages

Human Rights and Development

chapter 19|18 pages

Transnational Human Rights Obligations

BySigrun I. Skogly, Mark Gibney

part VIII|61 pages

Global Society