With formal ethics education programmes being a rarity in most countries' armed forces, there is a growing importance for servicemen to undergo additional military ethics training. But how do we ensure that soldiers learn the right lessons from it? Furthermore, how can we achieve a uniformity of approach? The current lack of uniformity about what constitutes ethical behaviour and how troops should be educated in it is potentially a cause for serious alarm. This book advances knowledge and understanding of the issues associated with this subject by bringing together experts from around the world to analyze the content, mode of instruction, theoretical underpinnings, and the effect of cultural and national differences within current ethics programmes. It also explores whether such programmes are best run by military officers, chaplains or academic philosophers, and reflects whether it is feasible to develop common principles and approaches for the armed forces of all Western countries. This is an invaluable volume for military academies and staff colleges to enhance understanding of a matter which requires much further thought and which is becoming a vital force in influencing outcomes on the battlefields of the twenty-first century. The book will primarily be of interest to military officers and others directly involved in ethics education in the military, as well as to philosophers and students of military affairs.

chapter 1|12 pages

Introduction: Ethics Education in the Military

ByPaul Robinson

part |2 pages

Part I: Case Studies

chapter 2|16 pages

Education in an Ethos at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

ByStephen Deakin

chapter 3|12 pages

An Ethics Curriculum for an Evolving Army

ByJeffrey Wilson

chapter 4|14 pages

Teaching Military Ethics in the British Armed Forces

ByPatrick Mileham

chapter 6|12 pages

Canada’s Defence Ethics Programme and Ethics Training

ByColonel Yvon Desjardins

chapter 8|8 pages

Ethics Training in the Norwegian Defence Forces

ByTor Arne Berntsen, Raag Rolfsen

chapter 12|14 pages

Teaching and Training Military Ethics: An Israeli Experience

ByAsa Kasher

chapter 13|12 pages

Ethics Training for the Samurai Warrior

ByFumio Ota

part |2 pages

Part II: Responses

chapter 14|14 pages

What is the Point of Teaching Ethics in the Military?

ByJessica Wolfendale

chapter 15|12 pages

The Ethical Warrior: A Classical Liberal Approach

ByAlexander Moseley

chapter 17|4 pages


ByPaul Robinson, Nigel de Lee and Don Carrick