Spanning cultural and political ecology, the political economy of the environment, humanistic landscape interpretation, cultural studies of nature, and science and technology studies, this volume is the definitive guide to environmental studies in Human Geography over the past 30 years. The articles collected capture conceptual developments in the field for audiences within and beyond Geography, and illustrate the diversity and remarkable vitality of geographical research on society-environment relations.

part I|106 pages

Nature and Society: New Directions for Environmental Geography

chapter 1|12 pages

Environmental Appreciation: Localities as a Humane Art

ByD. W. Meinig

chapter 2|10 pages

Introduction: the Ecology of Subsistence

ByBernard Nietzschmann

chapter 3|22 pages

Population, Resources, and the Ideology of Science

ByDavid Harvey

chapter 4|10 pages

Geography, Marx and the Concept of Nature

ByNeil Smith, Phil O’Keefe

chapter 5|32 pages

On the poverty of theory: natural hazards research in context

ByMichael Watts

chapter 6|18 pages

Prospect, perspective and the evolution of the landscape idea

ByDenis Cosgrove

part II|301 pages

Culture/Economy/Power: Thickening the Critical Turn in Environmental Geography

chapter 7|15 pages

The Matter of Nature

ByMargaret Fitzsimmons†

chapter 10|28 pages

Earth Honoring: Western Desires and Indigenous Knowledges 1

ByJane M. Jacobs

chapter 14|27 pages

Zoöpolis *

ByBy Jennifer Wolch

part III|92 pages

Beyond Dualism: Relational Histories and Ontologies

chapter 23|18 pages

Turfgrass subjects

The political economy of urban monoculture
ByPaul Robbins, Julie Sharp

chapter 24|16 pages

Living Cities: Towards a Politics of Conviviality

BySteve Hinchliffe, Sarah Whatmore