The poor economic performance of some African countries since independence has been a major concern to both African leaders and policy makers. This volume, which draws together contributions from academics based in Africa and its diaspora, situates the continent within its historic and socio-political background: from the 1960s, the decade of independence, through to its development outlook as the new millennium unfolds. It examines a broad range of contemporary issues -- from development and culture to linguistics and is unique in identifying and examining issues that are common both to Africa and the diaspora.

chapter 1|19 pages

African Diaspora-African Development Concerns: An Introduction

ByAlfred B. Zack-Williams, Ola Uduku

chapter 2|19 pages

Africa and the Project of Modernity: Some Reflections

ByAlfred B. Zack-Williams

chapter 3|11 pages

The Black Intellectual and the Pan-African Agenda in Languages

ByKole Omotoso, Ferdinand Dennis

chapter 5|10 pages

Communications and Governance in Africa

ByCecil Blake

chapter 6|16 pages

Africa and the Search for Political Stability in the New Century

ByE. Ike Udogu

chapter 8|13 pages

Reading Beyond the Post-Colonial: A Cultural-Socio-Spatial Perspective

ByOla Uduku, Alfred B. Zack-Williams