The main theme of this book is the adaptation process of the new EU member states from Central-Eastern Europe (Hungary and Poland) to the multi-level system of governance in public policy, particularly in the regional and environmental policy areas. The work conceptualizes policy learning and institutional and policy adaptation within the EU system of governance and draws lessons from the experience of previous waves of enlargement-cohesion-countries (Ireland, Portugal and Greece). In doing so, the book makes an important contribution to the literature on the transformation of domestic policy-making structures, as a result of the increasing Europeanization of public policy, as well as on the conceptual tools, explanatory variables and mechanisms determining this process.

part 1|24 pages

Theoretical Framework and Methodological Approach

part 2|152 pages

Domestic Governance Structures in Regional and Environmental Policies: National Case Studies

chapter 2|26 pages

Multi-Level Governance versus State Centralization in Greece

ByLeeda Demetropoulou, Panagiotis Getimis, Markantonis Vasilis

chapter 3|26 pages

The Challenge of Multi-Level Governance and Europeanization in Ireland

ByNicholas Rees, Brid Quinn, Bernadette Connaughton

chapter 4|28 pages

Portugal: Domestic Patterns of Governance, Societal Forces and the Limits of Europeanization

ByHelena Rato, João Salis Gomes, Miguel Rodrígues

chapter 5|30 pages

Governance in Regional and Environmental Policies in Hungary: Challenges of Europeanisation and Adaptation1

ByPéter Futó, Ilona Pálné Kovács, Tamás Fleischer

part 3|52 pages

Europeanization of Regional and Environmental Policies and Domestic Policy Change: Comparative Perspectives

chapter 7|28 pages

Europeanization of Policy-Making Domestic Governance Structures Regional Policy: Cohesion and CEE Countries

ByNicholas Rees, Christos J. Paraskevopoulos

chapter 8|24 pages

Europeanization of Policy-Making and Domestic Governance Structures in Environmental (Waste Management) Policy: Cohesion and CEE Countries

ByMarkantonis Vasilis, Panagiotis Getimis, Christos J. Paraskevopoulos

part 4|28 pages

Coping with Multi-Level Governance: Policy Implications

part 5|10 pages


chapter 10|8 pages

Domestic Governance Structures and Policy Learning East and West: The Limits of Europeanization1

ByPanagiotis Getimis, Christos J. Paraskevopoulos, Nicholas Rees