Contemporary sport is both a sophisticated and complex international business and a mass participatory practice run largely by volunteers and community organisations. Now in a fully revised and expanded second edition, this authoritative and comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of sports management helps to explain the modern commercial environment that shapes sport at all levels and gives clear and sensible guidance on best practice in sports management, from elite sport to the local level.

The first section examines the global context for contemporary sports management. The second explores the key functional areas of management, from organisation and strategy to finance and marketing, and explains how successful managerial techniques can be applied in a sporting context. The final section surveys a wide range of important issues in contemporary sports management, from corporate social responsibility to the use of information and communication technologies. Together, these sections provide a complete package of theory, applied practical skills and a state-of-the-art review of modern sport business.

Complemented by a companion website full of additional resources, this book is essential reading for all students of sport management and sport business.

part 1|175 pages

The sport management context

chapter 1|19 pages

The sport business industry in the twenty-first century

ByCaroline Riot, Millicent Kennelly, Brad Hill, Linda Trenberth

chapter 2|19 pages

Sport in the global marketplace

ByChris Gratton, Themis Kokolakakis

chapter 3|16 pages

The social and cultural management of sport

Contemporary arguments concerning the case for specificity
ByDavid Hassan

chapter 4|19 pages

Sport policy and the structure of sport in the UK

ByRichard Tacon

chapter 5|17 pages

The governance and regulation of sport

ByGeoff Walters, Sean Hamil, Richard Irving

chapter 6|21 pages

Managing sport in the nonprofit sector

ByChris Auld

chapter 7|16 pages

Sport in emerging markets

BySouvik Naha

chapter 8|21 pages

Sport for development

What’s in a name?
ByKyle Ferguson

chapter 9|24 pages

Managing sporting access and participation

An international perspective
ByJuan Luis Paramio-Salcines, Jaime Prieto, Ramón Llopis-Goig

part 2|209 pages

The application of business management to sport

chapter 10|27 pages

Organisation theory and sport management

ByMilena Parent, Danny O’Brien

chapter 11|27 pages

Strategy and planning in the context of sport

ByMilena Parent, Danny O’Brien

chapter 12|22 pages

Human resource management and the business of sport

ByChris Wolsey, Helen Whitrod Brown

chapter 13|16 pages

The management and measurement of organisational performance

ByLeigh Robinson

chapter 14|25 pages

Budgeting and budgetary control in sport

BySimon Shibli, Rob Wilson

chapter 15|50 pages

Sport marketing management and communication

ByGilles Erb, Christopher Hautbois

chapter 16|27 pages

Media rights in professional club football

ByHarry Arne Solberg, Åse Jacobsen, Tor Georg Jakobsen

chapter 17|18 pages

Sport and retailing

ByLeigh Sparks, Stephanie Letham

chapter 18|22 pages

Sports coaching in a business context?

ByHelen Whitrod Brown, Chris Wolsey

part 3|270 pages

Facets of sport business

chapter 19|18 pages

Delivering sport in the global context

ByLucie Thibault

chapter 20|14 pages

Managing sport volunteers

ByEvald Bundgaard Iversen, Graham Cuskelly, Karsten Elmose-Østerlund

chapter 21|19 pages

Sport and corporate partnerships

ByLaura Cousens, Cheri L. Bradish

chapter 22|16 pages

Sport and the law

Considerations for sport managers
BySteve Greenfield, Guy Osborn

chapter 23|22 pages

Managing high performance sport

ByBill Gerrard

chapter 24|24 pages

Sport, the media and strategic communications management

ByRaymond Boyle, Richard Haynes

chapter 25|13 pages

Information and communications technology and its use in sport business

ByCameron O’Beirne

chapter 26|15 pages

Planning and managing the stadium experience

ByPaul J. Kitchin, Juan Luis Paramio-Salcines

chapter 27|31 pages

Promoting accessibility for disabled and older fans to European stadia

An holistic journey-sequence approach (HOPES)
ByJuan Luis Paramio-Salcines, Paul J. Kitchin, Phil Downs

chapter 28|28 pages

Sport event management

ByKyle Ferguson, Sean O’Connor

chapter 29|18 pages

Managing social responsibility in sport

ByGeoff Walters, Rahul Devaskar

chapter 30|21 pages

Researching sport management

ByJames Skinner, Ben Corbett

chapter 31|20 pages

Sport and Social Media

ByAshleigh-Jane Thompson, Ian O’Boyle, Conor Meany

chapter 32|9 pages

Managing the business of sport in the twenty-first century

Future trends and challenges
ByDavid Hassan