It is a marketing truism that products should be shaped around the preferences of customers, not designers, and that a design or advert that is effective with one personality type may not be effective with another. Since purchasing intent can be increased by providing products that appeal to particular types of customers, an understanding of the impact of personality on design will help maximise the effectiveness of design and advertising efforts.

Gloria Moss brings together contributions from leading experts in academia and industry, including Professor Judi Harris, Dr Ceri Sims, Professor Paul Springer, Holly Buchanan and the late Bill Wylie. This book reveals the extent to which design and advertising effectiveness can be improved through an understanding of the personalities of a range of stakeholders. While the impact of demographic factors (age, class, geographical location) is the object of considerable research, the impact of personality on production and preference aesthetics has been greatly overlooked. It is only by grouping together research conducted on diverse fields that a larger picture of the impact of personality on design production and preference aesthetics can be constructed.

Personality, Design and Marketing will be of great interest to those who would like to see the effectiveness of design and marketing enhanced, whether it is those working in the area of design, or marketing or general management. It shows the extent to which preferences vary according to personality and the limitations of a one-size-fits-all approach to design.

chapter |7 pages

Introduction – overview of the book

ByGloria Moss

chapter 1|18 pages

The psychology of personality

ByCeri Sims

part 1|56 pages

Personality encoded in graphic expression

chapter 2|14 pages

Personality and graphic expression

ByGloria Moss

chapter 3|11 pages

Inferring personality from drawings

ByBill Wylie

chapter 4|10 pages

Personality as reflected in creatives’ adverts

ByJim Blythe

chapter 5|19 pages

Personality communicated in children’s digital and non-digital drawings

Inferences for marketing research*
ByJudi Harris

part 2|41 pages

Preferences for design and marketing and the role of personality

chapter 6|14 pages

Personality and design and marketing preferences

ByGloria Moss

chapter 7|6 pages

Matching communication styles to the personality of web visitors

ByHolly Buchanan

chapter 8|11 pages

Matching website and audience personalities

The case of music artist marketing
ByPaul Springer