Understanding Community Colleges provides a critical examination of contemporary issues and practices and policy of community colleges. This contributed volume brings together highly respected scholars as well as new scholars for a comprehensive analysis of the community college landscape, including management and governance, finance, student demographics and development, teaching and learning, policy, faculty, and workforce development. At the end of each chapter, the "Questions for Discussion" section helps to bridge the gap between research and practice. Written for students enrolled in higher education and community college graduate programs, as well as social sciences scholars, this provocative new edition covers the latest developments in the field, including trends in enrollment, developmental education, student services, funding, and shared governance.


chapter 2|24 pages

Student Diversity in Community Colleges

Examining Trends and Understanding the Equity Challenge

chapter 3|20 pages

Student Development Versus Consumerism

Student Services on Campus

chapter 4|23 pages

Hispanic Community College Students

A Profile of Theory and Research

chapter 5|20 pages

International Student Enrollment in U.S. Community Colleges

Joint Endeavors by Individuals and Institutions

chapter 6|26 pages

Adult Student Development

The Socio-Agentic Approach and its Relationship to the Community College Context

chapter 8|22 pages

Career and Technical Education

Old Debates and Persistent Challenges

chapter 10|23 pages

Leading in the Middle

chapter 11|19 pages

Redefining Shared Responsibility

Governance in the 21st Century Community College

chapter 13|17 pages

The Future is Probabl[e]y

The Same but Different