Examining what is involved in learning to write for academic purposes from a variety of perspectives, this book focuses in particular on issues related to academic writing instruction in diverse contexts, both geographical and disciplinary. Informed by current theory and research, leading experts in the field explain and illustrate instructional programs, tasks, and activities that help L2/multilingual writers develop knowledge of different genres, disciplinary expectations, and expertise in applying what they have learned in both educational and professional contexts.

chapter 1|6 pages


ByJohn Bitchener, Neomy Storch, Rosemary Wette

part I|60 pages

EAP Courses in University Degree Programs

chapter 2|15 pages

Context and the teaching of academic writing

Bringing Together Theory and Practice
ByPaltridge Brian

chapter 3|18 pages

Learning to write for academic purposes

Specificity and Second Language Writing
ByKen Hyland

part II|114 pages

Instruction in Specific EAP Knowledge and Skills

chapter 5|15 pages

The challenge of genre in the academic writing classroom

Implications for L2 Writing Teacher Education
ByChristine M. Tardy

chapter 6|15 pages

Creating an effective argument in different academic genres

A Scaffolded Approach
ByJohn Bitchener

chapter 7|14 pages

L2 undergraduate students learning to write using sources

A Trajectory of Skill Development
ByRosemary Wette

part |30 pages

Instructional Tasks and Activities

chapter 8|15 pages

Literate talk

Supporting EAL Students' Academic Writing
ByJennifer Hammond

part |38 pages

Approaches to Academic Language Development

chapter 10|23 pages

Facilitating L2 writers' academic language development

ByDana Ferris

chapter 11|13 pages

Working hard or working smart

Comprehensive versus Focused Written Corrective Feedback in L2 Academic Contexts
ByIcy Lee

part III|20 pages

Future Research in EAP

chapter 12|18 pages

The multifaceted and situated nature of the interaction between language and writing in academic settings

Advancing Research Agendas
ByRosa M. Manchón

part IV|15 pages


chapter 13|13 pages


ByChristine Pearson Casanave