Engaging Youth in Activism, Research and Pedagogical Praxis: Transnational and Intersectional Perspectives on Gender, Sex, and Race offers critical perspectives on contemporary research and practice directed at young people across the global north and south. Drawing upon pedagogical, programmatic, and activist work with respect to challenging inequalities and injustices for young people, the authors interrogate the dominant discourses of sexuality, gender, race, class, age and other social categories. Emerging out of a Finnish-South African collaboration, this volume does not take a comparative approach but rather a transnational one by embracing the intersections of local and global knowledges. We draw on this transnational and transdisciplinary framework and these various contexts to generate a critique of mainstream theory and pedagogical practice, as well as to subvert and disrupt such research and practice so as to speak more directly to young people's agentic and activist engagements in social justice, specifically inequalities of class, race, gender, age, sexuality, ability, and health.

chapter |22 pages

Introduction: Engaging Youth in Activism, Research and Pedagogical Praxis

Transnational, Intersectional and Everyday
ByJeff Hearn, Tamara Shefer, Kopano Ratele, Floretta Boonzaier

section One|68 pages

Critical Perspectives on Contemporary Scholarship and Practice Directed at Young People

chapter 1|16 pages

South African Research and Practice Directed at Young People’s Sexualities and Genders

The Political Effects of Current Responses in Local and Transnational Contexts
ByTamara Shefer

chapter 2|16 pages

Personally Rememorizing Young People Differently

What Might Critical Adult Studies (Paradoxically) Have to Do With Researching, and Engaging With, Young People
ByJeff Hearn

chapter 3|18 pages

The Ascendency of Whiteness

On Understanding Racialized Queerness in LGBTIQ Refugee Work
BySalla Peltonen, Katarina Jungar

chapter 4|16 pages

Ambivalent Positions and Challenging Contexts in Researching “Rainbow Youth” in Finland

ByJukka Lehtonen, Riikka Taavetti

section Two|106 pages

Alternative, Non-Hegemonic Ways of Doing Scholarship and Engaging Young People

chapter 5|17 pages

Engaging Young Male University Students

Towards a Situated, Social-Psychological ProFeminist Praxis
ByKopano Ratele

chapter 7|22 pages

Challenging Representations

Participatory Research Engagements with Young People in Postcolonial Contexts
ByFloretta Boonzaier, Shose Kessi

chapter 8|15 pages

Engaging in Photovoice-Based Research on a University Campus

Young People’s Reflective Experiences
BySisa Ngabaza

chapter 9|17 pages

The Good, the Bad and the Quiet Ones

Differential Positions of Boys in Researching Sexual Harassment 1
BySanna Aaltonen

chapter 10|18 pages

Consciousness-Raising Capacities of Photovoice

Youth Understandings of Egypt’s Transitional Moment
ByNick Malherbe, Shahnaaz Suffla, Mohamed Seedat, Umesh Bawa, Hesham El-Sayed, Hanan Abbas Abdo

section Three|96 pages

Young People “Talking Back”

chapter 11|16 pages

Social Media and Feminist Activism

#RapeMustFall, #NakedProtest and #RUReferenceList Movements in South Africa
ByTigist Shewarega Hussen

chapter 12|20 pages

Black Students’ Resistances to Stigmatizing Discourses in Higher Education

A Photovoice Study
ByJosephine Cornell, Shose Kessi

chapter 14|16 pages

“To Show Like the People That There Can Be Good Fathers … Here in Our Place”

Enabling Young People’s Alternative Discourses in a Context of Marginalization
ByRebecca Helman, Debbie Kaminer

chapter 15|14 pages

Researching Troublesome Masculinities and Schooling

Critical Ethnographic Reflections
ByTrevor McArthur

chapter 16|14 pages

Happiness and Constructions of Young Masculinity

ByMandisa Malinga, Kopano Ratele