A complete resource for your career in nursing; this book gives you a sound knowledge basis for effective care and best practice in hospital and community settings and, alongside this, explores the many routes your professional development can take.

Part one explores the key aspects of the journey from commencing your adult nursing studies to becoming a consultant practitioner, researcher, manager or teacher, with the focus always on developing the best possible care.

Part two looks at the five major care themes: first contact, access and urgent care; supporting long term and palliative care; acute and critical hospital care; mental health and psychosocial care; and public health and primary care. A holistic and practical approach draws together research, policy guidelines, and nurse and patient experiences.

A companion website provides annotated weblinks to useful resources, PowerPoint presentations, interactive MCQs, and an 'ask the authors' feature.

  • Presents the best evidence for practice
  • Reflects UK policy directions and global health trends
  • Text features include clinical case studies, patient perspectives, key points, colour illustrations and activities to aid learning
  • Highlights career pathways and key areas for continuing professional development

chapter 1|4 pages

introduCtion And how to use this book

ByDave Barton, Andrée le May

part |1 pages


chapter 3|28 pages

developing skilled proFessionAl prACtiCe

ByAndrée le May

chapter 4|31 pages

developing expert prACtiCe

ByAndrée le May

part |1 pages


chapter 5|38 pages

First ContACt, ACCess And urgent CAre

ByMike McIvor, Judith Morgan

chapter 6|22 pages

the ACute CAre oF older people

ByHeather Fillmore Elbourne

chapter 7|42 pages

supporting long-term CAre And pAlliAtive CAre

ByPauline Turner, Carmel Sheppard, Elaine Lennan

chapter 8|30 pages

CritiCAl CAre, CritiCAl ChAllenges, CritiCAl ChoiCes

ByMary Gobbi, Maureen Coombs

chapter 9|34 pages

mentAl heAlth And psyChosoCiAl CAre

BySteve Jones

chapter 10|39 pages

publiC heAlth And primAry CAre

ByJane Thomas