Punk Pedagogies: Music, Culture and Learning brings together a collection of international authors to explore the possibilities, practices and implications that emerge from the union of punk and pedagogy. The punk ethos—a notoriously evasive and multifaceted beast—offers unique applications in music education and beyond, and this volume presents a breadth of interdisciplinary perspectives to challenge current thinking on how, why and where the subculture influences teaching and learning. As (punk) educators and artists, contributing authors grapple with punk’s historicity, its pervasiveness, its (dis)functionality and its messiness, making Punk Pedagogies relevant and motivating to both instructors and students with proven pedagogical practices.

chapter 1|10 pages

Presenting Punk Pedagogies in Practice

ByGareth Dylan Smith, Mike Dines, Tom Parkinson

part I|78 pages

Punk Learning and Learning from Punk

part III|54 pages

Theorizing from Punk Pedagogical Practice

chapter 13|19 pages

“There’s Only One Way of Life, and That’s Your Own” 1

ByGareth Dylan Smith

chapter 14|15 pages

From Punk Ethics to the Pedagogy of the Bad Kids: Core Values and Social Liberation

ByTiago Teles Santos, Paula Guerra