Permanently Online, Permanently Connected establishes the conceptual grounds needed for a solid understanding of the permanently online/permanently connected phenomenon, its causes and consequences, and its applied implications. Due to the diffusion of mobile devices, the ways people communicate and interact with each other and use electronic media have changed substantially within a short period of time. This megatrend comes with fundamental challenges to communication, both theoretical and empirical. The book offers a compendium of perspectives and theoretical approaches from leading thinkers in the field to empower communication scholars to develop this research systematically, exhaustively, and quickly. It is essential reading for media and communication scholars and students studying new media, media effects, and communication theory.

part I|39 pages


chapter 1|7 pages

Permanently Online and Permanently Connected

A New Paradigm in Communication Research?

chapter 2|8 pages

A Brief History of Individual Addressability

The Role of Mobile Communication in Being Permanently Connected

chapter 3|11 pages

The Permanently Online and Permanently Connected Mind

Mapping the Cognitive Structures Behind Mobile Internet Use

part III|67 pages

Social Dynamics of POPC

chapter 10|10 pages

Living in the Moment

Self-Narratives of Permanently Connected Media Users

chapter 11|9 pages

Getting the Best Out of POPC While Keeping the Risks in Mind

The Calculus of Meaningfulness and Privacy

chapter 13|11 pages

Being POPC Together

Permanent Connectedness and Group Dynamics

chapter 14|9 pages

POPC and Social Relationships

chapter 15|13 pages

Between Surveillance and Sexting

Permanent Connectedness and Intimate Relationships

part IV|34 pages

Socialization in a POPC Environment

chapter 16|11 pages

Growing Up Online

Media Use and Development in Early Adolescence

chapter 17|12 pages

Being Mindfully Connected

Responding to the Challenges of Adolescents Living in a POPC World

chapter 18|9 pages

Permanent Connections Around the Globe

Cross-Cultural Differences and Intercultural Linkages in POPC

part V|34 pages

The POPC Citizen

chapter 19|9 pages

The POPC Citizen

Political Information in the Fourth Age of Political Communication

part VI|33 pages

Brave New World

chapter 22|11 pages

POPC and Well-Being

A Risk-Benefit Analysis

chapter 23|10 pages

Being Permanently Online and Being Permanently Connected at Work

A Demands–Resources Perspective

chapter 24|10 pages

The Dose Makes the Poison

Theoretical Considerations and Challenges of Health-Related POPC