This comprehensive volume brings together international experts involved in applying and developing understanding of Working Memory in the context of a variety of neurodevelopmental disorders, neurocognitive disorders, and depressive disorders.

Each chapter provides a description of the disorder and investigates the Working Memory and related Executive Function deficits. It goes on to provide a neurological profile, before exploring the impact of the disorder in daily functions, the current debates related to this disorder, and the potential effects of medication and intervention. Through combining coverage of theoretical understanding, methods of assessment, and different evidence-based intervention programs, the book supports clinical assessment and management of poor Working Memory.

It is essential reading for students in neurodevelopmental disorders, atypical development and developmental psychopathology as well as allied health professionals, clinicians and those working with children in education and healthcare settings.

chapter 1|8 pages


ByTracy Packiam Alloway

chapter 2|13 pages

Working Memory and intellectual disabilities

ByLucy A. Henry, David J. Messer, Sebastian Poloczek

chapter 3|16 pages

Memory and language in children with SLI

ByJames W. Montgomery, Julia L. Evans, Ronald B. Gillam

chapter 4|15 pages

Working Memory and autism

ByDiane L. Williams

chapter 5|21 pages

Working Memory and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

ByMark D. Rapport, Lauren M. Friedman, Samuel J. Eckrich, Catrina A. Calub

chapter 6|15 pages

Working Memory and Specific Learning Disorders

ByH. Lee Swanson, Jennifer E. Kong

chapter 8|25 pages

Working Memory and Specific Learning Disability

ByMichèle M. M. Mazzocco, Jenny Yun-Chen Chan, Emily O. Prager

chapter 9|12 pages

Working Memory and low birth weight

ByPeggy MacLean, Susanne Duvall, Jean Lowe

chapter 10|14 pages

Developmental Coordination Disorder and Working Memory

ByJourdan Rodak, Tracy Packiam Alloway

chapter 11|23 pages

Working Memory in Down Syndrome

Methodological considerations and intervention implications
ByDeborah J. Fidler, Lisa A. Daunhauer, Elizabeth A. Will, Emily Schworer

chapter 12|16 pages

Working Memory and TBI

ByAndrew S. Kayser, Michael E. Ballard, Mark D’Esposito

chapter 13|14 pages

Working Memory and Youth depression

ByHannah R. Snyder, Benjamin L. Hankin

chapter |4 pages


Working Memory and clinical developmental disorders: Theories, debates and interventions
ByCatherine Hardee Drew