Artistic practices have long been disturbing the relationships between art and space. They have challenged the boundaries of performer/spectator, of public/private, introduced intervention and installation, ephemerality and performance, and constantly sought out new modes of distressing expectations about what is construed as art. But when we expand the world in which we look at art, how does this change our understanding of critical artistic practice?

This book presents a global perspective on the relationship between art and the city. International and leading scholars and artists themselves present critical theory and practice of contemporary art as a politicised force. It extends thinking on contemporary arts practices in the urban and political context of protest and social resilience and offers the prism of a ‘critical artscape’ in which to view the urgent interaction of arts and the urban politic. The global appeal of the book is established through the general topic as well as the specific chapters, which are geographically, socially, politically and professionally varied. Contributing authors come from many different institutional and anti-institutional perspectives from across the world.

This will be valuable reading for those interested in cultural geography, urban geography and urban culture, as well as contemporary art theorists, practitioners and policymakers.

chapter |12 pages


Disruptions of a critical artscape
ByRen. Julie

chapter |17 pages

How colour replaces fear

ByArboleda. Yazmany, Alibhai. Nabila

chapter |14 pages

The collective moment

Post-Museum’s Rowell Road period
ByTeo. Jennifer, Tien Wei Woon

chapter |15 pages

Art/movement as a public 

Artistic creations in the sunflower 
movement and the umbrella movement 1
ByLu. Pei-yi, Wong. Phoebe

chapter |13 pages

Ghana ThinkTank

Mobility, reversal and cultural difference
ByCoombs. Gretchen

chapter |15 pages

Diversifying the stage 
of policymaking

A new policy network in Berlin’s cultural field
ByLandau. Friederike

chapter |13 pages

Alternative art schools in London

Contested space and the emergence of new modes of learning in practice
ByJacobi. Silvie

chapter |14 pages


Commodity, respectability, and 
scam in Los Angeles
BySonia-Wallace Brian

chapter |13 pages

Artistic activism as essential 
threshold from the ‘peaceful, 
rational, non-violence’ 
demonstrations towards revolution

Social actions in Hong Kong in the 
pre-umbrella movement era
ByKam. Liza, Man. Wing

chapter |19 pages

The climate games

Space, politics and resistance at the COP21 Paris
ByParry. Ben

chapter |19 pages

New genre public commission?

The subversive dimension of public art in post-Fordist capitalism
ByMaeder. Thierry, Piraud. Mischa, Pattaroni. Luca, Strelec Jessica

chapter |11 pages

Unpacking public places in Gothenburg – The Event City

Becoming a cannibal
ByHedemyr. Marika

chapter |17 pages

Our house in the middle of 
the street

ByMilic. Nela

chapter |13 pages

Crowd creations

Interpreting occupy art in Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement
ByWong. Sampson

chapter |22 pages

#Beirut, urbanism and me

Framing the city through space, identity and conflict
ByBravo. Luisa

chapter |9 pages


Towards the worlding of art and the city?
ByLuger. Jason