Global Youth in Digital Trajectories explores the most recent developments regarding youth and media in a global perspective. Representing an innovative contribution to virtual research methods, this book presents research carried out in areas as diverse as Greece, the Netherlands, Germany, Brazil, Russia, and India. The volume examines which new anthropological, and cultural-historical conditions and changes arise in connection with the widespread presence of digital media in the lives of the networked teens. Indeed, it is highlighted that the differentiation between an offline world and an online world is inapplicable to the lives of most young people.

Exploring youth’s imaginary productions, personal sense-making processes and cross-media dialogues in today’s multimedia worlds, Global Youth in Digital Trajectories will be of particular interest to undergraduates and postgraduates in the fields of sociology, anthropology, education studies, media research and cultural studies. It may also appeal to practitioners in social work and schools.

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chapter |11 pages


Exploring global youth in digital trajectories

chapter 1|10 pages

Digital identity building

A dialogue with Berlin technology and computer science students

chapter 2|17 pages

Young people, Facebook, and pedagogy

Recognizing contemporary forms of multimodal text making

chapter 3|14 pages

Playing sports with Nintendo Wii in Berlin

Technography, interactivity, and imagination

chapter 4|16 pages

Digital filmmaking as a means for the development of reflection

A case study of a disabled university student in Moscow

chapter 5|28 pages

Youth tubing the Greek crisis

A cultural-historical perspective

chapter 7|17 pages

Youth, Facebook, and mediated protest in India

A cross-media exploration

chapter |5 pages

Instead of an epilogue

Iconophagy: Impact and impulses for global youth and education