Despite all the efforts to promote change, power and authority still seem to be permanently associated with the white, the straight and the masculine, both symbolically and in the everyday world of organizations.

As the intricate relationship between the symbolic and the everyday remains under-researched, this anthology proposes a transdisciplinary feminist perspective drawing on the humanities in order to explore the complex nature of the gendered politics of organizations. Indeed, analyzing how images, narratives, symbols and bodies are all part of how power and gender are constructed in organizations through a broad and international range of empirical studies, Bodies, Symbols and Organizational Practice explores issues at the interstices of the humanities and social sciences, combining theoretical and analytical perspectives from both areas.

Providing a radical analysis of the gendered dynamics of power as well as petitioning for radical intervention into those dynamics, this timely volume will appeal to postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers interested in fields such as: Organization and Management Studies, Gender studies, Feminist theory and Sociology of Work & Industry.

chapter 3|20 pages

Face of finance

chapter 4|18 pages

Beautiful soldiers

Depicting a gender-inclusive Army

chapter 5|13 pages

Beyond fashion’s alluring surface

Connecting the fashion image and the lived realities of female workers in the fashion industry

chapter 6|19 pages

Women at sea

Sexual disorder and discipline

chapter 7|19 pages

The Genesis of leaders

Women in the petroleum industry

chapter 8|22 pages

Making sense of downsizing

Exploring masculinities in the Norwegian oil industry

chapter 9|22 pages

When working life becomes life

A study of investment banking

chapter 10|20 pages

Women to the rescue?

Gender, power and idealism in the third sector

chapter 13|18 pages

Gender, power and feminist resistance

chapter |3 pages


Residues from the past and emerging structures of feeling