"Denzin and Giardina have brought together the works of leading cultural critics who have given cultural studies a global framework that meets our need to examine the governing strategies of the military, the economy, the media, and educational elites...This is a must-read for those who want cultural studies to really matter in the present moment." Patricia Ticineto Clough Contesting Empire, Globalizing Dissent: Cultural Studies after 9/11 is a landmark text. Leading scholars from cultural studies, education, gender studies, and sociology reposition critical cultural studies research around the goals of moral clarity and political intervention. Chapters range in focus from neoliberalism and democracy to America's war on kids and the cultural politics of national identity.

chapter |19 pages


Cultural Studies after 9/11
ByNorman K. Denzin, Michael D. Giardina

part |72 pages

Contesting Empire

chapter |10 pages

The Algebra of Infinite Justice

ByArundhati Roy

chapter |20 pages

Critical Pedagogy Reloaded

Reflections on Imperialism and Empire
ByPeter McLaren

chapter |25 pages

Globalization, Terrorism, and Democracy

9/11 and Its Aftermath 1
ByDouglas Kellner

chapter |15 pages

Neoliberal Empire

ByJan Nederveen Pieterse

part |72 pages

Policing the Crisis

chapter |15 pages

The American People Cannot Be Trusted

ByToby Miller

chapter |16 pages

Critical Pedagogy in a Time of Uncertainty

A Call to Action
ByAntonia Darder, Luis F. Mirón

chapter |13 pages

Bounding American Democracy

Sport, Sex, and Race
ByCL Cole

part |46 pages

Performing Pedagogies of Resistance

chapter |14 pages

Bleeding Borders

Migration from Community to Campus
ByBryant K. Alexander

chapter |11 pages

Unpacking a Double Consciousness

The Only “Negro” in the Class
ByChristopher Dunbar

chapter |14 pages

Representing African Cultural Studies and the Praxis of the African Resistance

ByKeyan G. Tomaselli, Handel Kashope Wright

chapter |5 pages

Gap This!

ByMary E. Weems

part |69 pages

Cultural Studies/Critical Methodologies

chapter |18 pages

Cultural Studies as Performative Practice

ByHenry A. Giroux

chapter |19 pages

The Politics and Ethics of Performance Pedagogy

Toward a Pedagogy of Hope
ByNorman K. Denzin

chapter |14 pages

Negotiating Research with Communities of Practice

ByKeyan G. Tomaselli

chapter |16 pages

Apocryphal Now Redux

ByJack Z. Bratich

chapter |10 pages

Coda: After 9/11

Thinking about the Global, Thinking about Empathy, Thinking about the Postcolonial
ByCameron R. McCarthy