Advances in Magnetic Materials: Processing, Properties, and Performance discusses recent developments of magnetic materials, including fabrication, characterization and applications in the aerospace, biomedical, and semiconductors industries. With contributions by international professionals who possess broad and varied expertise, this volume encompasses both bulk materials and thin films and coatings for magnetic applications. A timely reference book that describes such things as ferromagnetism, nanomaterials, and Fe, ZnO, and Co-based materials, Advances in Magnetic Materials is an ideal text for students, researchers, and professionals working in materials science.

  • Describes recent developments of magnetic materials, including fabrication, characterization, and applications
  • Addresses a variety of industrial applications, such as aerospace, biomedical, and semiconductors
  • Discusses bulk materials and thin films and coatings
  • Covers ferromagnetism, nanomaterials, Fe, ZnO, and Co-based materials
  • Contains the contributions of international professionals with broad and varied expertise
  • Covers a holistic range of magnetic materials in various aspects of process, properties, and performance

chapter 1|65 pages

Magnetic Behavior of Nanostructured Materials

ByM. R. Hossain, Animesh Kumar Basak, Alokesh Pramanik, Al Mahmudur Rahman

chapter 2|64 pages

Elemental Ferromagnetic Nanomaterials

Their Preparation, Properties, and Applications
BySuneel Kumar Srivastava, Samarpita Senapati

chapter 3|58 pages

Magnetic Materials for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Magnetic Resonance Imaging

ByElizaveta Motovilova, Shaoying Huang

chapter 4|104 pages

Plasma Nanotechnology for Nanophase Magnetic Material Synthesis

ByRajdeep Singh Rawat, Ying Wang

chapter 6|80 pages

Layered Two-Phase Magnetoelectric Materials

ByZhaofu Du, Sam Zhang, Dongliang Zhao, Tat Joo Teo, Rajdeep Singh Rawat

chapter 7|56 pages

Rapidly Solidified Rare-Earth Permanent Magnets

Processing, Properties, and Applications
ByShampa Aich, D. K. Satapathy, J. E. Shield

chapter 8|72 pages

Magnetic Materials Prepared Using Polyacrylamide Gel Route

ByS. F. Wang, X. T. Zu, Richard YongQing Fu

chapter 9|46 pages

Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy in Magnetic Thin Films

ByPrabhanjan D. Kulkarni, Somnath Bhattacharyya, Prasanta Chowdhury

chapter 10|37 pages

Catalytic Application of Magnetic Nanocomposites

ByYinghuai Zhu

chapter 11|56 pages

Magnetic Domain Walls for Memory and Logic Applications

ByChandrasekhar Murapaka, Indra Purnama, Wen Siang Lew