The Mental Health-Substance Use series provides clear guidance for professionals on this complex and increasingly recognised field. It concentrates on the concerns, dilemmas and concepts that impact on the life and well-being of affected individuals and those close to them, as well as the future direction of practice, education, research, services, intervention, and treatment. This final book in the series provides the basis of best practice for offering effective interventions to affected individuals and their families, exploring the effects of various substances, both controlled and proscribed, and the impact of substance use in schizophrenia. Therapeutic interventions such as Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) and dialectical behaviour therapy are discussed, as are relapse prevention and the specific needs of groups such as older people and young adults. Associated topics such as individuals within the criminal justice system, and brain injury (the symptoms of which often mimic mental health-substance use) complete this highly comprehensive guide. The volumes in this series are designed to challenge concepts and stimulate debate, exploring all aspects of the development in treatment, intervention and care response, and the adoption of research-led best practice. They are essential reading for mental health and substance use professionals, students and educators.

chapter 1|6 pages

Setting the scene

ByDavid B Cooper

chapter 2|15 pages

Alcohol and mental health

ByMay Baker, Buckley David

chapter 3|17 pages

Cannabis and mental health

ByZain Sadiq, Paul D Morrison

chapter 4|18 pages

Stimulants and mental health

ByRichard Orr McLeod, Philip D Cooper

chapter 5|10 pages

Prescription drugs and mental health

BySuzanne Nielsen, Nicole Lee

chapter 6|13 pages

Tobacco and mental health

ByDavid Jones

chapter 7|14 pages

Substance use and schizophrenia

ByDavid J Kavanagh, Dawn Proctor

chapter 8|15 pages

Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR)

ByFrancesca Miller

chapter 9|16 pages

Post-traumatic stress disorder and substance use

ByWalter Busuttil

chapter 10|11 pages

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and substance use

ByArthur G O’Malley

chapter 11|16 pages

The older adult

ByWhite-Campbell Marilyn

chapter 12|17 pages

The young person

ByChristina KME Sonneborn

chapter 13|14 pages

The young person and dialectical behaviour therapy

ByLorne M Korman, Kyle Burns

chapter 14|11 pages

Prison, crime and active intervention

ByDavid Marteau

chapter 15|9 pages

Relapse prevention in mental health

ByRami T Jumnoodoo, Patrick Coyne

chapter 16|15 pages

Relapse prevention in substance use

BySharon H Hsu, G Alan Marlatt

chapter 17|10 pages

Neuropsychiatry: brain injury, mental health–substance use

ByJohn R Ashcroft