Salience in Second Language Acquisition brings together contributions from top scholars of second language acquisition (SLA) in a comprehensive volume of the existing literature and current research on salience. In the first book to focus exclusively on this integral topic, the editors and contributors define and explore what makes a linguistic feature salient in sections on theory, perpetual salience, and constructed salience. They also provide a history of SLA theory and discussion on its contemporary use in research. An approachable introduction to the topic, this book is an ideal supplement to courses in SLA, and a valuable resource for researchers and scholars looking for a better understanding of the subject.

chapter 1|18 pages

Salience in Second Language Acquisition and Related Fields

BySusan M. Gass, Patti Spinner, Jennifer Behney

part I|68 pages

Salience in SLA theory

chapter 2|20 pages

Salience in Usage-Based SLA

ByNick Ellis

chapter 3|23 pages

Detectability in Feature Reassembly

ByDonna Lardiere

chapter 4|23 pages

The Role of Salience in Linguistic Development

A Contrarian View
ByWilliam O’Grady, Kitaek Kim, Chae-Eun Kim

part II|78 pages

Perceptual Salience in SLA

chapter 5|18 pages

The L2 Acquisition of Italian Tense

The Role of Salience
ByJennifer Behney, Patti Spinner, Susan M. Gass, Lorena Valmori

chapter 6|24 pages

The Effect of Perceptual Salience on Processing L2 Inflectional Morphology

ByHannelore Simoens, Alex Housen, Ludovic De Cuypere

chapter 7|16 pages

The Role of Salience in the Acquisition of Hebrew as a Second Language

Interaction With Age of Acquisition
ByRobert DeKeyser, Iris Alfi-Shabtay, Dorit Ravid, Meng Shi

chapter 8|18 pages

Salience and Novel L2 Pattern Learning

ByKim McDonough, Pavel Trofimovich

part III|56 pages

Constructed Salience in SLA

chapter 9|20 pages

Enhancing the Input to Promote Salience of the L2

A Critical Overview
ByRonald P. Leow, Alexandra Martin

chapter 10|14 pages

Salience, Cognitive Effort, and Word Learning

Insights from Pupillometry
ByKelli Ryan, Phillip Hamrick, Ryan T. Miller, Christopher A. Was

chapter 11|20 pages

Effects of Contextual and Visual Cues on Spoken Language Processing

Enhancing L2 Perceptual Salience Through Focused Training
ByDebra M. Hardison

part IV|77 pages

Salience in Context

chapter 12|21 pages

Salience of Noun–Adjective Agreement in L2 Latin

ByJohn Sarkissian, Jennifer Behney

chapter 13|25 pages

Measuring Lexical Alignment During L2 Chat Interaction

An Eye-Tracking Study
ByMarije Michel, Bryan Smith

chapter 14|22 pages

Task Modality, Noticing, and the Contingency of Recasts

Insights on Salience From Multiple Modalities
ByNicole Ziegler

chapter |7 pages


The Role of Salience in Second Language Research
ByPatti Spinner, Jennifer Behney, Susan M. Gass