This book answers the recently topical questions of how China’s processed trade affects the trade of Southeast Asia. What is Southeast Asia’s role in Factory Asia, the region’s complex of cross-border supply chains? What is Southeast Asia’s involvement in building or joining production networks in the region? And, most important, how can Southeast Asia increase the value added of its products and improve its competitiveness?

This book provides rigorous analysis of how trade policy affects value added, highly disaggregated at the firm and product level, of the six Southeast Asian countries – Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Viet Nam – and combines this with thorough examinations of their trade, industrial and labour policies.

chapter 1|12 pages


ByLili Yan Ing, Fukunari Kimura

chapter 2|27 pages

Global value chain participation in Southeast Asia

Trade and related policy implications 1
ByJavier López-González, Przemyslaw Kowalski

chapter 3|26 pages

The impact of China’s trade on ASEAN’s trade

ByMiaojie Yu, Xiaomin Cui

chapter 4|19 pages

Imported inputs on Indonesia’s product variety and quality

ByLili Yan Ing, Chandra Putra

chapter 5|23 pages

Trade in value added

The case of Malaysia
BySiew Yean Tham, Andrew Jia Yi Kam

chapter 6|30 pages

The Philippines in the electronics global value chain

Upgrading opportunities and challenges
ByRafaelita Aldaba

chapter 7|23 pages

Singapore’s participation in global value chains

Perspectives of trade in value added
ByMun-Heng Toh

chapter 8|22 pages

Thai automotive industry

International trade, production networks, and technological capability development
ByPatarapong Intarakumnerd

chapter 9|19 pages

Trade in value added

The case of Viet Nam 1
ByTri Thanh Vo, Anh Duong Nguyen, Trinh Bui

chapter 10|23 pages

‘Policies for industrial progress’, not ‘industry policy’

Lessons from Southeast Asia ∗
ByHal Hill, Archanun Kohpaiboon

chapter 12|25 pages

How labour market policies affect innovation and trade competitiveness

BySiwage Dharma Negara

chapter 13|24 pages

Developing domestic and export markets and levelling up trade in value added

Lessons learnt
ByBen Shepherd