Violence Against Black Bodies argues that black deaths at the hands of police are just one form of violence that black and brown people face daily in the western world. Through the voices of scholars from different academic disciplines, this book gives readers an opportunity to put the cases together and see that violent deaths in police custody are just one tentacle of the racial order—a hierarchy which is designed to produce trauma and discrimination according to one’s perceived race and ethnicity.

chapter |10 pages


BySandra E. Weissinger, Dwayne A. Mack, Elwood Watson

part I|60 pages

There is No Time for Despair

chapter 1|21 pages

The Fires of Racial Discontent are Still Burning! Intensely!

ByElwood Watson

chapter 2|15 pages

Rage and Activism

The Promise of Black Lives Matter
ByDeborah J. Cohan

chapter 3|18 pages

Understanding Racialized Homophobic and Transphobic Violence

ByKathleen J. Fitzgerald

part II|52 pages

The Space of Trauma

chapter 4|15 pages

When No Place is Safe

Violence Against Black Youth
BySandra E. Weissinger, Venessa A. Brown

chapter 5|18 pages

Death by Residential Segregation and the Post-Racial Myth

ByLori Latrice Martin, Kenneth Fasching-Varner, Tifanie W. Pulley

chapter 6|15 pages

Vigilant Vagrants

The Turbulent Tale of the Queer Black Man
ByMaurice Davis

part III|74 pages

Media Fallacies

chapter 7|18 pages

The Revelatory Racial Politics of the Sopranos

Black and Brown Bodies and Storylines as Props and Backdrop in the Normalization of Whiteness
ByJessica Maucione

chapter 8|14 pages

From Mammy to Black-Ish

The Perceived Evolution of the Black American Typecast
ByKelle Neal

chapter 9|19 pages

For the World to See

Bestiality Against Black Bodies and the Deleterious Effects of Predisposed Media Disclosure
ByCedric D. Hackett

chapter 10|19 pages

It’s “Young Black Kids Doing It”

Biased Media Portrayals of the Deviant in Britain?
ByMonia O’Brien Castro

part IV|79 pages

Stone Walls

chapter 11|19 pages

“The Multicultural Dilemma”

Ignoring Racism in the Works of James Howard Kunstler
ByMichael Potts

chapter 12|20 pages

The School-to-Prison Pipeline

Institutionalized Racial Violence
ByElyshia D. Aseltine

chapter 13|19 pages

Blood at the Root

The False Equivalency of External and Internal Violence Against Blacks in Obama’s America
ByKareem R. Muhammad

chapter 14|17 pages

Trigger-Happy Policing

Racialized Violence Against Black Bodies in Academic Spaces
ByDwayne A. Mack, Felicia W. Mack