This focused collection of original articles addresses the global dynamics of qualitative inquiry and the contextual dimensions within which such inquiry takes place. Contributions from many of the world's leading qualitative researchers in communications, education, sociology, and related disciplines focus on the changing landscape of social media, human rights, the Global South, and decolonizing methodologies, and guide the field toward a more engaged, global perspective. Chapters were developed from plenary sessions of the Eighth International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry (2012).

chapter |18 pages


Global Dimensions of Qualitative Inquiry
ByNorman K. Denzin, Michael D. Giardina

part Part I|55 pages


chapter Chapter 1|17 pages

Qualitative Inquiry and the Challenge of Scientific Status

ByKenneth J. Gergen

chapter Chapter 2|16 pages

Qualitative Research in a Glocalizing World

ByNigel G. Fielding

chapter Chapter 3|19 pages

Remix Cultures, Remix Methods

Reframing Qualitative Inquiry for Social Media Contexts
ByAnnette Markham

part Part II|51 pages


chapter Chapter 4|18 pages

The Role of Indigenous Languages and Focus Groups in Qualitative Inquiry

Experiences from the Global South
ByBekisizwe S. Ndimande

chapter Chapter 5|12 pages

On a Bead and a Prayer

The Importance of (Re)membering African Womanhood in the Diaspora 1
ByCynthia B. Dillard

chapter Chapter 6|19 pages

Border Crossing

Bridging Empirical Practices with De/colonizing Epistemologies
ByKakali Bhattacharya

part Part III|75 pages


chapter Chapter 7|19 pages

Dewey, A/r/tography, and Ab-Use of Global Dialogue

ByRichard Siegesmund

chapter Chapter 8|24 pages

Beyond the Autoethnography versus Ironist Debates

Using Charles Sanders Peirce and Cornel West to Envision an Alternative Inquiry Practice
ByJerry Lee Rosiek

chapter Chapter 9|13 pages

Navigating the Terrain of Social Justice

Multiple Voices in Mixed Methods Research
ByDonna M. Mertens

chapter |15 pages

Coda Are You Serious?

Playing, Performing, and Producing an Academic Self
ByLaura L. Ellingson