Archaeology and Women draws together from a variety of angles work currently being done within a contemporary framework on women in archaeology. One section of this collection of original articles addresses the historical and contemporary roles of women in the discipline. Another attempts to link contemporary archaeological theory and practice to work on women and gender in other fields. Finally, this volume presents a wide diversity of theoretical approaches and methods of study of women in the ancient world, representing a cross section of work being carried out today under the broad banner of gender archaeology. The geographical and chronological range of the contributions is also wide, from Southeast Asia and South America to Western Asia, Egypt and Europe, from Great Britain to Greece, and from 10,000 years ago to the recent past. An ideal sampler for courses dealing with women and archaeology.

chapter |12 pages


BySue Hamilton, Ruth D. Whitehouse, Katherine I. Wright

part I|28 pages

The Study of Gender and Women in Archaeology

chapter 1|14 pages

Gender Archaeology and Archaeology of Women

Do We Need Both?
ByRuth D. Whitehouse

chapter 2|12 pages

On Gender Negotiation and Its Materiality

ByMarie Louise Stig Sørensen

part II|130 pages

Women in Archaeology

chapter 3|21 pages

Winifred Lamb

Her First Year as A Student at the British School at Athens
ByDavid WJ Gill

chapter 4|7 pages

Pioneers in Palestine

The Women Excavators of El-Wad Cave, 1929
ByJane Callander, Pamela Jane Smith

chapter 5|38 pages

Marija Gimbutas

Setting the Agenda
ByErnestine S. Elster

chapter 6|26 pages

Women in Practice

Women in British Contract Field Archaeology
BySue Hamilton

chapter 7|20 pages

Genderin' Experimental Archaeology

BySteve Townend

chapter 8|16 pages

Warriors and Weavers

Constructing British Iron Age Identities in Museums
BySue Ballard

part III|221 pages

Women in Antiquity

chapter 9|14 pages

Bones of Work at the Origins of Labour

ByTheya Molleson

chapter 10|47 pages

Women and the Emergence of Urban Society in Mesopotamia

ByKatherine I. Wright

chapter 11|17 pages

Women of Lahun (Egypt 1800 BC)

ByStephen Quirke

chapter 12|20 pages

Figurines Without Sex

People Without Gender?
ByMaria Mina

chapter 14|23 pages

Expressing Gender in Bronze Age North East Thailand

The Case of Non Nok Tha
ByElisabeth A. Bacus

chapter 15|18 pages

Stirring Women, Weapons, and Weaving

Aspects of Gender Identity and Symbols of Power in Early Anglo-Saxon England
BySue Harrington

chapter 16|20 pages

Gender and Archaeological Site Formation

Ethnoarchaeological Studies in Parts of Nigeria
ByCA Folorunso

chapter 17|31 pages

Painted Genders

The Construction of Gender Through the Display of Body Painting by the Selk'nam and the YÁmana from Tierra Del Fuego (Southern South America)
ByDánae Fiore