This book examines the interconnections between art, phenomenology, and cognitive studies. Contributors question the binary oppositions generally drawn between visuality and agency, sensing and thinking, phenomenal art and politics, phenomenology and structuralism, and subjective involvement and social belonging. Instead, they foreground the many ways that artists ask us to consider how we sense, think, and act in relation to a work of art.

chapter |15 pages

Beside Ourselves

ByCristina Albu, Dawna Schuld

part |32 pages

Phenomenal Worlds

chapter 2|11 pages

Art World, Life World

Robert Irwin and the Aesthetic Influence of Alfred Schutz
ByJames Merle Thomas

part |35 pages

Disruption in Transmission

chapter 5|12 pages

Analogue Exchanges

Communication Technologies, Surveillance, and Selfhood in Roy Ascott’s Pedagogy
ByKate Sloan

chapter 6|10 pages

Indexical Proof

Post-Studio Intersections of Earthrise and John Baldessari’s California Map Project
ByGinger Elliott Smith

part |33 pages

Double Vision

chapter 7|8 pages

Seeing in Stereo

Robert Smithson’s Enantiomorphic Chambers
BySienna Brown

chapter 8|12 pages

Double Looking

The Point of View and the Political Sublime in Contemporary Art
ByKit Messham-Muir

chapter 9|11 pages

Global and Local Multistability in Contemporary Art

ByGregory Minissale

part |37 pages

The Aesthetics of Social Space

chapter 10|12 pages

National Vision

Venezuelan Cinetismo and the Phenomenal Framework of Democracy
ByJuan Ledezma

chapter 11|12 pages

Gérard Fromanger’s Souffles and the Politics of Phenomenal Art

BySami Siegelbaum

chapter 12|11 pages

There’s No Accounting for Taste

Eating, Thinking, and Debating in Contemporary Art
BySabine Flach

part |39 pages

The Accretion of Attention

chapter 13|12 pages

Eyes Wide Open

Hunting Ephemeral Images
ByInge Hinterwaldner

chapter 14|13 pages


Attention and Art
ByEllen K. Levy

chapter 15|12 pages

Just Noticeable Difference

Ontogenesis, Performativity, and thePerceptual Gap 1
ByChris Salter

part |39 pages

Entangled Realities

chapter 16|12 pages

Nonstop Modernism

Continuity in Jack Burnham’s Systems, Structures, and Occultism
ByCharissa N. Terranova

chapter 17|12 pages

Not Directed Toward Anyone

The Indifference of a Situation or, Perception Under the Influence
ByChristine Ross

chapter 18|13 pages

Impossible to Name

Performing the Ineffable 1
ByBarbara Maria Stafford