This handbook analyzes the main issues in the field of hospitality marketing by focusing on past, present and future challenges and trends from a multidisciplinary global perspective. The book uniquely combines both theoretical and practical approaches in debating some of the most important marketing issues faced by the hospitality industry.

Parts I and II define and examine the main hospitality marketing concepts and methodologies. Part III offers a comprehensive review of the development of hospitality marketing over the years. The remaining parts (IV–IX) address key cutting-edge marketing issues such as innovation in hospitality, sustainability, social media, peer-to-peer applications, Web 3.0 etc. in a wide variety of hospitality settings. In addition, this book provides a platform for debate and critical evaluation that enables the reader to learn from the industry’s past mistakes as well as future opportunities.

The handbook is international in its constitution as it attempts to examine marketing issues, challenges and trends globally, drawing on the knowledge of experts from around the world. Because of the nature of hospitality, which often makes it inseparable from other industries such as tourism, events, sports and even retail, the book has a multidisciplinary approach that will appeal to these disciplines as well as others including management, human resources, technology, consumer behavior and anthropology.

part I|34 pages

Hospitality marketing concepts

part III|178 pages

Hospitality marketing approaches, functions and strategies

chapter 9|13 pages

Product/service management

chapter 15|17 pages

Advertising in the hotel industry

The influence of emotional appeals in advertising on consumers’ purchase intention in the hotel industry

chapter 18|10 pages

Internal marketing

chapter 19|11 pages

Perceptual and relational approach to hotel brand equity

Measurement, criticism, and challenges

chapter 20|10 pages

Sensory marketing in hotels

Understanding of sensory triggers for hotel operations

chapter 21|14 pages

The silver segment

A case study on how to adapt marketing strategies to segmentation opportunities in the hospitality industry

part IV|66 pages

Hospitality consumer behavior

chapter 23|10 pages

Hospitality consumers’ information search behavior

Reinforcement and displacement of traditional media

chapter 26|10 pages

Customer delight

A new marketing strategy to build up trust

part VIII|98 pages

Internet and technology

chapter 42|13 pages

Mobile apps and hospitality marketing

part IX|54 pages

Future of hospitality marketing