This thoroughly updated and extended eighth edition of the long-running bestseller Research Methods in Education covers the whole range of methods employed by educational research at all stages. Its five main parts cover: the context of educational research; research design; methodologies for educational research; methods of data collection; and data analysis and reporting. It continues to be the go-to text for students, academics and researchers who are undertaking, understanding and using educational research, and has been translated into several languages. It offers plentiful and rich practical advice, underpinned by clear theoretical foundations, research evidence and up-to-date references, and it raises key issues and questions for researchers planning, conducting, reporting and evaluating research.

This edition contains new chapters on:

  • Mixed methods research
  • The role of theory in educational research
  • Ethics in Internet research
  • Research questions and hypotheses
  • Internet surveys
  • Virtual worlds, social network software and netography in educational research
  • Using secondary data in educational research
  • Statistical significance, effect size and statistical power
  • Beyond mixed methods: using Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) to integrate cross-case and within-case analyses.

Research Methods in Education is essential reading for both the professional researcher and anyone involved in educational and social research. The book is supported by a wealth of online materials, including PowerPoint slides, useful weblinks, practice data sets, downloadable tables and figures from the book, and a virtual, interactive, self-paced training programme in research methods. These resources can be found at: www.routledge.com/cw/cohen.

part 1|108 pages

The context of educational research

part 2|176 pages

Research design

chapter 12|26 pages


part 3|184 pages

Methodologies for educational research

chapter 16|11 pages

Historical and documentary research

chapter 18|14 pages

Internet surveys

chapter 19|16 pages

Case studies

chapter 20|36 pages


chapter 22|17 pages

Action research

part 4|172 pages

Methods of data collection

part 5|214 pages

Data analysis and reporting

chapter 35|16 pages


Conversations, narratives and autobiographies as texts

chapter 37|11 pages

Grounded theory

chapter 41|26 pages

Inferential statistics

Difference tests

chapter 42|16 pages

Inferential statistics

Regression analysis and standardization

chapter 45|8 pages

Beyond mixed methods

Using Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) to integrate cross-case and within-case analyses