First Published in 2017. The first of its kind to address the ecogothic in American literature, this collection of fourteen articles illuminates a new and provocative literacy category, one that exists at the crossroads of the gothic and the environmental imagination, of fear and the ecosystems we inhabit.

chapter |20 pages


Approaches to the Ecogothic

chapter 1|16 pages

“Perverse Nature”

Anxieties of Animality and Environment in Charles Brockden Brown’s Edgar Huntly

chapter 2|14 pages

“A Heap of Ruins”

The Horrors of Deforestation in Leonora Sansay’s Secret History

chapter 3|14 pages

“The Earth Was Groaning and Shaking”

Landscapes of Slavery in The History of Mary Prince

chapter 4|18 pages

“Give me my skin”

William J. Snelling’s “A Night in the Woods” (1836) and the Gothic Accusation Against Buffalo Extinction

chapter 5|13 pages

Failures to Signify

Poe’s Uncanny Animal Others

chapter 6|18 pages

Gothic Materialisms

Experimenting with Fire and Water in Edgar Allan Poe’s Tales of (Im)mortality

chapter 8|13 pages

Ghoulish Hinterlands

Ecogothic Confrontations in American Slave Narratives

chapter 9|14 pages

Bleeding Feet and Failing Knees

The Ecogothic in Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Chasing Ice

chapter 10|14 pages

Vegetal Haunting

The Gothic Plant in Nineteenth-Century American Fiction

chapter 11|16 pages

Ecogothic Extinction Fiction

The Extermination of the Alaskan Mammoth

chapter 12|15 pages

Hyperobjects and the End of the World

Elemental Antagonists of American Naturalism