This volume presents cases from a World Bank study of state-owned industrial firms in Poland, Hungary and the Czech and Slovak republics. Topics that are covered include: structure of the industry; history of the firm; and product mix and sales pattern.

part I|151 pages

Case Studies of Czech and Slovak Firms

chapter 1|13 pages

Engineering/Forklift Trucks: Desta

ByJaroslav Jirasek

chapter 2|17 pages

Engineering: PSP

Intelligent Transformation of a Communist Bulwark
ByJana Matesová

chapter 3|15 pages

Heavy Chemicals: Spolana

ByMartin Sauer

chapter 4|10 pages

Textiles/Garments: CS-15

Will Inexpensive Labor Help Us to Survive?
ByJana Matesová

chapter 5|15 pages

Textiles/Cloth: Veba Broumov

The King of a Declining Industry
ByJana Matesovà

chapter 6|15 pages

Electronics: CS-03

The Transformation of a Television Set Producer
ByRudolf Galik

chapter 7|16 pages

Food Processing/Chocolates and Sweets: CS-07

A Firm’s Adaptability in the Transition Period
ByRudolf Galik

chapter 8|10 pages

Footwear: Tipa

ByJaroslav Jirasek, Ilja Mracek

chapter 9|12 pages

Plastics: CS-13

ByJan Pavek

chapter 10|9 pages

Pharmaceuticals: CS-12

ByAlena Očková

chapter 11|16 pages

Auto Parts: Motorpal

ByJaroslav Jirasek, Vratislav Svoboda, Tomas Varcop

part II|111 pages

Case Studies of Hungarian Firms

chapter 12|9 pages

Engineering: DKG

Drang nach Osten?
ByJudit Zsarnay

chapter 13|10 pages

Defense: Theta Works

A Nuclear Instruments Manufacturer to Be Blown Up?
ByGábor Karsai

chapter 14|8 pages

Heavy Chemicals: TVK

An Island of Efficiency in a Depressed Region?
ByMiklós Szanyi

chapter 15|9 pages

Textiles/Garments: Elegant Charm

An Elegant Strategy for Expansion?
ByLászló Toth

chapter 16|8 pages

Textiles/Cloth: Hungartextile Holding

The Fate of a Textile Giant: Nothing More Than a Small Office?
ByMárta Kiefer

chapter 17|13 pages

Electronics: Radion Radio and Electrical Works

A Whiz-Kid Grown Old?
ByGábor Hoványi

chapter 18|10 pages

Glass: Salgglas

Peering Through Broken Glass?
ByMiklós Somai

chapter 19|9 pages

Food Processing/Chocolate and Sweets: Intercsokoládé Kft

A Sweet Strategic Alliance?
ByLilli Berkó

chapter 20|10 pages

Food Processing/Brewing: Kanizsa Brewery Ltd

Privatization Brewing?
ByJudit Zsarnay

chapter 21|11 pages

Pharmaceuticals: EGIS Pharmaceutical Works Ltd

No Prescriptions for Healthy Firms?
ByJudit Karsai

chapter 22|12 pages

Auto Parts: Bakony Metal and Electrical Appliance Works

Hot Spark Plugs?
ByMiklós Somai

part III|179 pages

Case Studies of Polish Firms

chapter 23|11 pages

Engineering/Railway Rolling Stock: Pafawag Enterprise

ByStefan Krajewski

chapter 24|13 pages

Engineering/Machine Tools: PO/5

ByStefan Krajewski

chapter 25|12 pages

Textiles/Garments: Wolczanka S.A

ByMarek Belka

chapter 26|13 pages

Textiles/Cloth: Textilpol

ByMarek Belka

chapter 27|12 pages

Electronics: Miflex Radio Components Firm S.A

ByStefan Krajewski

chapter 28|16 pages

Glass: Huta Szkla Hortensja

ByMarek Belka

chapter 29|13 pages

Food Processing/Chocolate and Sweets: Drops

ByMarek Belka

chapter 30|14 pages

Wood Products: Lodzkie Fabryki Mebli

ByMarek Belka

chapter 31|13 pages

Iron/Steel: Czestochowa Steelworks

ByStefan Krajewski

chapter 32|13 pages

White Goods—Refrigerators, Washers and Dryers: Polar Enterprise

ByStefan Krajewski

chapter 33|12 pages

Footwear: Mokasyn

ByMarek Belka

chapter 34|10 pages

Plastics: Boryszew-Erg

ByAnna Krajewska

chapter 35|12 pages

Pharmaceuticals: Polfa Enterprise

ByAnna Krajewska

chapter 36|13 pages

Auto Parts: Polmo Enterprise

ByAnna Krajewska