This volume collects eleven essays written by Japanese experts on various aspects of Japanese business management and is a sequel to the volume Industry and Business in Japan. It examines the mechanisms for Japan 's phenomenal economic growth since the Second World War by analyzing Japanese management, business groups, production systems and business strategy.

chapter |23 pages


ByKazuo Sato, Yasuo Hoshino

part I|1 pages


chapter 1|43 pages

Mechanistic vs. Organic Management Systems: A Comparative Study of Adaptive Patterns of American and Japanese Firms *

ByTadao Kagono, Ikujiro Nonaka, Akihiro Okumura, Kiyonori Sakakibara, Yoichi Komatsu, Akinobu Sakashita

chapter 3|20 pages

Structural Uniformity and Cultural Diversity in Organizations: A Comparative Study of Factories in Britain, Japan, and Sweden

ByKoya Azumi, David Hickson, Dezso Horvath, Charles McMillan

part II|1 pages

Business Groups

part III|1 pages

Production Systems

chapter 6|19 pages

How the Toyota Production System was Created

ByTaiiohi Ohno

chapter 7|30 pages

Quality Control in Japan: The Case of Fuji Xerox

ByYotaro Kobayashi

chapter 8|29 pages

Productivity and Quality Control:Case Studies

Japanese External Trade Organization *
Edited ByKazuo Sato, Yasuo Hoshino

part IV|1 pages


chapter 9|42 pages

The Grand Strategy of Japanese Business

ByYasuo Okamoto

chapter 10|33 pages

Diversification Strategies and Economic Performance

ByHiroyuki Itami, Tadao Kagona, Hideki Yoshihara, Akimitsu Sakuma