The twentieth century generated tens of thousands of hours of American newsfilm but not the scholarly apparatus necessary to analyze and contextualize them. Assembling new approaches to the study of U.S. newsfilm in cinema and television, this book makes a long overdue critical intervention in the field of film and media studies by addressing the format’s inherent intermediality; its mediation of "events" for local, national, and transnational communities; its distinctive archival legacies; and, consequently, its integral place in film and television studies more broadly. This collection brings fresh, contemporary methodologies and analysis to bear on a vast amount of material that has languished in relative obscurity for far too long.

part one|109 pages

newsfilm and the news

chapter three|14 pages

news’ electric circuits

newspapers, newsreels, and radio between the wars

chapter four|14 pages

home invasions

hearst newsreels, american preparedness, and the coming of world war ii

chapter five|19 pages

completing the transmedia trinity

a history of the telenews theater corporation

chapter six|21 pages

historicizing television news in the 1960s

case studies of the kennedy assassination and the selma voting rights campaign

chapter seven|22 pages

breakthroughs by women in documentary newsfilm production

a case history of nbc’s washington documentary unit, 1961–89

part two|90 pages

newsfilm geographies

chapter eight|22 pages

the circulation of local newsreels in the silent period

the case of detroit

chapter nine|18 pages

technologies of place in the early sound newsreel

the aerial view

chapter ten|13 pages

from canada and back again

roy tash, montreal’s associated screen news, and the u.s. newsreel’s transnational flows before world war ii

chapter eleven|18 pages

a long ride on the metro

metro news, hearst metrotone inc., and u.s. studio-government relations

chapter twelve|17 pages

mama’s brand of tv

lbj, family-owned broadcasting, and complicating “local” newsfilm

part three|104 pages

into the archives

chapter fourteen|5 pages

movietonews, inc.

a researcher’s introduction

chapter fifteen|5 pages

newsfilm at the national archives and records administration

an overview and spotlight on the universal newsreel collection

chapter sixteen|4 pages

the ktla newsfilm collection at ucla

research opportunities and challenges

chapter seveteen|3 pages

reading the news(films)

local television news collections at the university of south carolina

chapter eighteen|3 pages

if you digitize it, they will come or welcome south, brother

local television newsfilm collections at the university of georgia

chapter nineteen|3 pages

the collaborative collection

boston tv news

chapter twenty|15 pages

fifty terms for newsfilm

a typology of archival elements

chapter twenty one|19 pages

watching radio

early newsfilm collections as alternative radio archives

chapter twenty two|22 pages

archives of liveness

television newsfilm reconsidered

chapter twenty three|15 pages


perils and possibilities

section |14 pages

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